Kelly Clarkson Meaning of Life

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Kelly Clarkson Meaning of Life Album

Kelly Clarkson Meaning of Life Album

The green trees that swayed in the wind. The birds that beckon us to them. The streams that spill over the rocks. The creatures that live with us and created a world of melodies if you stop to listen. The moment I saw you was the moment I noticed the world.

I began to worry what would happen if? How could I do better? What could I make better? Is there a way to love only you? You showed me. You stopped the world and made it a better place to be in it. That was the first time I knew The Meaning of Life. When I found you. It is still your hand I hold your heart that melts mine. Your laugh that carries me through the day and your love that challenges me to do better. You are more than a chapter in my book you are the person I want to write each page with. You are my person.

When I tell our daughter about finding your person the single greatest lesson I have is to be yourself, and if that person doesn’t love you for who you are, then they aren’t your person. When I struggle to find the right words to remind our daughter I think about the outside influences in the world. I think about the power of music to communicate.

The new album by Kelly Clarkson communicates to me. It moves like a freight train pounding through the night. Her album is about me because she was me, she is me, she is every woman. The hits keep coming from this singer as she returned to her powerful voice. The release of her new album will have you singing in the shower, in the car, even while you do chores. The melodies are so powerful your kids will also fall in love.

Kelly Clarkson’s The Meaning of Life is the album of our time. Kelly Clarkson’s ability to tie together life’s missteps and life’s gifts in songs are uncanny. Her voice whispers in our ear long after the music is replaced by the chaos of our life.

Her album reminds us to own our role as powerful women. Her song Whole Lotta Woman will have you singing with your spoon, brush, and your best Kelly like voice. It is the perfect song to play when you need that reminder that you got this!

We need to own our bodies and our minds.

We need to be the keeper of our happiness and let it shine and spill out on those around us.

We need to own our moment and know when to take a moment. The intro to the album (A Minute (Intro)) reminds us that all we do can’t be done without self-realization and fulfillment. It only takes a minute to recover and replenish, so we have the energy and patience to do what we do best. EVERYTHING!

“Sometimes I need to unwind
Sometimes I need some down time , hey
Sometimes I need a minute just for me
I need a minute just to be
I need a minute just to breathe
Sometimes I need a minute that’s my own
I need a minute in my zone
Where I can say just what I want
Mhm, yeah I need a minute.”

Let the music of Kelly Clarkson embrace your day.

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