My Journey as a Home Health Care Provider

 I am a Home Health Care Provider by Necessity


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When I was in high school, I had plans to go to nursing school but soon realized that I preferred the administrative side of things. I spent almost 10 years doing just that as a Medical Biller and Medical Office Administrator. I learned some medical skills including giving injections, assisting with in-office surgeries and processing laboratory work but I never thought I would be providing Home Health Care.

I do not provide Home Health Care as a job nor do I get paid, yet I have been doing it for the past 8 years. It is as much a part of my life as caring for my children (ages 9 and 14.) I did not start down this path by choice but out of necessity, following a major accident my husband was involved in. He suffered permanent injuries to his spine and suffers to this day.

My journey into Home Health Care Continues

It wasn’t long after that my grandmothers became ill and we were told their time on earth was limited. Living next door to my mother (their primary care-giver), I spent my spare time helping with where ever it was needed. I learned quickly how to change diapers, move a person who couldn’t move themselves and the all too heart breaking hospice care. We went thru this twice in less than a year.

Not long after this my husband began having neurological issues and suffered from mini-strokes. Numerous tests and doctor’s visits later revealed that he would require brain surgery. My mind was all over leading up to the date and the whole time I worried about not growing old with him. He survived the surgery but it added a whole new layer of home health care that he needed because he just didn’t remember things like he used to.

Caring for 2 children and my husband while working consumed all my time but in 2009 my in-laws moved in. My Mother-in-Law was ill and would spend the next year in and out of the hospital. I now added her medications, appointments, and doctors to my list of things to do. Shortly after she moved in, I became a Stay at Home mom which freed up some of my time.

My journey with home health care took another turn when my great-uncle became terminal. I spent many nights in the hospital by his bedside because they could not provide the care he wanted 24/7. When he told my mom he wanted to go home, we took him home and I stayed helping and caring for him until he was longer with us. Not long after we lost my Mother-In-Law as well.

Today, I still provide home health care for husband as trouble seems to find him. This summer he was attacked by a dog and suffered a horrible wound to the back of his leg and spent 2 weeks in the hospital. He came home requiring wound dressing changes, physical limitations and more. The insurance doesn’t cover this and these new duties have become the norm in our household. Just last week he had a skin graft and we are praying in 6 weeks he will have the all clear.

Though I will be relieved to have some more free time, the lessons my children are learning are more valuable to me than my time. My 9 year old offered to learn how to change his dressings so I could go out of town for a conference. Having grown up with my experiences in home health care has left her with a compassionate heart and a willingness to serve other people. She is not afraid of blood and things that most children are and deep down I know that she will one day be a home health care provider of her own. Although I cannot say it will become her profession but instead I see it being a labor of lover to those around her.

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