Natural Beauty Tips for Women Over 40

As professional makeup artists, we hear a similar story every day. Women hit 40, and their confidence takes a nosedive. They’re tired, overworked, and they aren’t making time for themselves. It can be distressing to look in the mirror and see signs of aging, but with a few secret weapons and tricks, you can take back that confidence. Makeup doesn’t have to be a long and tedious process. In fact, as you age, you should start using less makeup, not more! Too much makeup magnifies skin imperfections. Your goal is to aim for dewy, radiant skin with soft shades that enhance your features, not cakey, powdery makeup and severe shades.

Stay beautiful as you grow older by taking care of your skin and choosing the right makeup. Read our Natural Beauty Tips for 40 Year Old Woman

Here are my Natural Beauty Tips for 40 Year Old Woman

The first key to natural beauty is amazing skincare. Dark spots, fine lines, and sagging are your enemies so look for products with ingredients such as Peptides, Glycolic Acid, Retinol, Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid, and most importantly, a high sunscreen. We personally recommend any of the Age Reverse products from Exuviance. Make sure to wash your makeup off every night. Facial Oils are amazing as well and give skin a youthful, glowy appearance and are perfect for all skin types. Try Age Reverse products from Exuviance or Clarins Lotus Oil for soft, dewy skin.

Foundation is the most difficult product for women this age to find. Your best bet is something sheer that can be layered for more coverage as needed. Smashbox BB Water is your perfect product (you will have to select the appropriate shade for your skin tone). It feels like water yet gives a beautiful coverage. It has liquid bandage technology and moves with the face, so no cracking around lines! Plus, it’s hydrating, anti-aging, buildable, and has SPF 30. 2 drops will cover the entire face. Avoid powder altogether as it can hang out in lines and take away the youthful, dewy finish of the foundation. Next, use a bright pink blush (I love Galifornia by Benefit). Stay away from drab mauve and taupe, a bright pink placed high on the apple of the cheek is like a free facelift! A cream eyeshadow such as Cement by Bobbi Brown covers up red eyelids and stays on all day long, and finish the eye with a little deep brown liner and Smashbox Full Exposure Mascara (It doesn’t flake, clump or run) on the top lids and lashes only. Makeup on the lower lids can drag the eyes down and make the eyes look tired and small. You’re aiming for big and bright! Groom your brows with brow powder and apply Bye-Bye Undereye from IT Cosmetics to cover dark circles. Complete your look by applying a light lip color such as Audition or Primrose by Smashbox, or a pretty, sheer gloss like Supermodel by LORAC or BonBon by Laura Mercier. Stay away from dark lip colors as they make the lips look thin, which in turn makes you look older.

Once you get the hang of this new routine, you’ll be made up and out the door in under 15 minutes looking and feeling confident. And hopefully, you’ll find the fun in taking care of YOU again!

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