My New Years Resolution is to Be Kind

new years resolution 2015

I resolve to track my journey daily on my site I plan to make an effort to do one kind deed a day. I plan to do so not to change the world but to change how I see the world. I plan to take small steps toward the person I want to become. I do not plan to look back and I do not plan to judge the person I used to be.

The first thing I will do is be brave. I plan to remove everyone from my life who does not belong. I am going to “unfriend” all the people who do not add value to my life. The people who in the last year weren’t friends to begin with. I always think well it is best if I keep them as friends and maintain contact. Then I thought about and I thought in order to be kind to others and to really reach my resolution. I need to be kind to myself. I need to make a decision to take care of myself. I am the person in my home who takes care of everyone else. I am the teacher, bill payer, grocery shopper, cook, homework helpers, teacher, friends, foe, and most importantly I am the example. I am going to be the example by letting go of people who aren’t worthy of my time or my friendship.


Wow! That doesn’t sound very kind. Yet it is the kindest thing I can think to do. I believe that there are people who move in and out of our lives and they are there to teach us a lesson or maybe a few if we didn’t get the information the first time. The lesson I have learned is spending my time worrying about or checking in  with people who do not matter actually waste my time. This is time that could be better spent on people who deserve my time and my energy.

That is my resolution to be kind. I am taking control of my life and taking care of myself first.

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