New Years Resolutions For Kids

New years kids resolutions

New Years Resolutions For Kids

New years is the time of year to start anew. You know to change something you do or think to better yourself. I hope your resolution is to do good deeds. We have a list of 100 things you can do for free to help others.  It is important to have new years resolutions for kids. They should also have a chance to strive for improvement. This is a great time for you to mentor and empower your child or children.

When you write a goal it needs to be actionable and measurable. If you say I am going to lose weight you need to say by eating more salads and walking 4 days a week. If your child says I am going to keep my room clean. Then write out what that means. A clean room doesn’t have toys on the floor and clothes piled in the corner. We created a free-printable-kids-2014-new-years-resolution-ideas so you can print it and fill it out. Then I would hang it somewhere for reference. I would also pair a reward with it. If you keep your room clean 5 out of 7 days you can earn a new book or a special day out.

New Years Resolutions For Kids

These are some good ideas to help you help your kid excel.

1) Use Manners

2) Help a friend in need by…

3) Be a better friend by…..

4) Volunteer for …..

5) Read at least 30 minutes a day

6) Do a chore with out being asked # of times per week

7) Eat Healthier by

8) Stop picking my nose

9) Stop using bad language

10) Start putting my shoes away

11) Start my homework right when I get home from school

12) Donate 1/2 of my allowance weekly to someone in need

13) Write thank you notes

14) Call family

15) Write a letter to ___

16) Be nice to siblings by

17) Clean room

18) Create a savings plan

19) Be grateful

20) Take time daily to

21) Help cook dinner

22) Help with the dishes

23) Organize a donation drive

24) Work on a particular academic subject

25) Spend more time playing outside

26) Give up screen time for ___ days a week

27) Exercise for ___ a day

28) Be more organized by

29) Listen before speaking

30) Try new foods

310 Eat more vegetables .. this is how to get your kids to eat more vegetables

Once you select one or two use our free-printable-kids-2014-new-years-resolution-ideas.  <—-