Organize Your Life with Clipix

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post on behalf of Clipix but all opinions are mine and I hope you like my tips on how to organize your life with Clipix.

Tips on How to Organize Your Life with Clipix

Organize Your Life with Clipix

Did you ever want to create your dream room or plan a party with ease? I was introduced to this tool that allows you to organize your life by collecting all your ideas in one place. It even helped me redesign my bedroom. I can’t tell you how long I have hated my bedroom but since my husband has been on travel we couldn’t seem to agree on anything because he couldn’t picture what I was talking about. Clipix allowed me to show my husband what I wanted. The best part is it tracks price changes on the items you are looking at. All you have to do is pick out what you want, and it will tell you when that item goes on sale. That makes me very happy, and my husband loves a deal.

Clipix lets you know price changes so you can grab awesome deals

Organize your life now, here are ten reasons to use Clipix

Save everything you need to your Clipx Visual Boards

1) You are visual, and you need to see how things look together. I do! When I decorate a room or plan a party I want to be able to see all my ideas and Clipix made it super easy to do that.

2) You need to be able to access your ideas, information and plans anywhere. This is easily done using a device of your choices. You can download it on the Apple app store or the Android store or your browser.

3) You want to start reducing clutter. You need a way to organize all of those papers everywhere that do more to hinder your progress than help it. Clipix app lets you take notes easily and you can upload and save images, documents, pdfs and even emails.

Share your Clipix boards with your friends or team

4) You like to be able to share your ideas easily. This app allows you to share things or make them private. You can build boards and invite people to contribute. This is the perfect way to make things happen when you are miles away from the people you want to create and plan with. I love having my sister help me plan parties since that is what she did for a living. That helps her be part of my event since we are 13 hours away from one another.

5) You tried another solution, but everyone can see what you are doing. I mean do you want your friends to know what type of vacation you plan to take? With Clipix you have the power to make private boards and clip and save what you want without the world knowing.

6) You like to save time. To organize your life you need to manage your time well. For me having instant access to what I need saves me time.

7) It reduces anxiety by placing everything you need in a way that makes sense to you. You have the opportunity to organize your thoughts the way that you want.

8) You can use it to explain your ideas and thought through multiple resources all in one place. I can send my ideas in slides, boards, screenshots, voice messages and more with the click of a button.

9) You can use Clipix to remind you and to plan for upcoming events. I love that there is the ability to tag images. It really helps me when I know I need something. I can tag party ideas with more specific tags like flowers, gift ideas, decor, cake options. Then when I plan my next party, I can search what I have Clipix and use it to plan my next successful event.

Love fashion? Use Clipix to build your fashion boards

10) The best reason to use Clipix is because it allows you to be the best version of yourself by creating a platform that is as unique as you are. I am all about planning my next look. This makes organizing your life super easy.

Clipix increases your imagination by helping you piece together all those thoughts and ideas using both visual clues and information. I suggest it for meal planning, organizing travel, planning parties, building rooms, gather information for upcoming work projects, collecting ideas to amuse and inspire your kids. I suggest you use it as a way to communicate with your significant other as well. We all learn differently and having a place that you can plan together and build your lives together really helps.

Watch this little movie to find out how easy it is to use Clipix.

Plan your next trip using Clipix. Save everything you need in your boards like directions to attractions, restaurants, plane ticket information, to luggage policies.

With Clipix, it is easy to organize your life because you can look at your inspirations, and dreams. This is so much easier than flipping between screens and trying to make choices. I am having a blast figuring out my next vacation, and this helps me keep everything from my directions to attractions, restaurants, plane ticket information, to luggage policies all in one place on a board that I can access anywhere and share with anyone. Clipix is my answer to how did you do that?

Declutter life with Clipix, it is free so sign-up now and start creating your boards.