Pay It Forward Friday: Every day is an opportunity

Inspired by my $100 Story, I decided that this year Madame Deals’ mission is to unite people through good deeds and giveaways.

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I have to admit is so much easier to be negative and complain. I am decided to turn that frown upside down and look for the good in people and events. I do complain every Tuesday in my Chutzpah column. I mean sometime you just need to tell everyone when someone or company does something that is wrong. I still can’t get over the Lexus Dealership.

Ok, back to nice and kind me instead of not nice me. I am going to call three people’s bosses or fill out surveys on three people this weekend. I honestly do call people bosses when I think they have gone above and beyond. I haven’t filled out online surveys or called but I am going to do so! That is how I am going to pay it forward I am going to give someone the credit they deserve for a job well done!