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Pool Party Tips

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The weather is starting to get warmer, and it’s almost time to grab your bathing suit, your shades, and your friends, and throw a pool party! Whether you have your own pool, or are going to hit up a community pool, preparing for a pool party it key! I always make a list of things I need for any kind of party because I am notorious for forgetting something! My last party I had, I forgot to pick out some party games..oops! So I wanted to help you not forget something by sharing some tips for you! 

Here are my tips for preparing for a pool party:

  • Eyes on the pool! Before you do anything else, make sure you pool is guest ready! (This does not apply if you are having your pool party at a community pool, in that case, pick your pool first!) Making sure your pool is opened for the season, clean, and properly maintained is very important, and not something you want to wait to do until the last minuet.
  • Let people know! Make sure you send out invites in plenty of time for people to plan to come. Rule of thumb for a party is at least 2 weeks notice. Want to save some money on your pool party invites? Well lucky you I made some FREE Pool Party Printable Invitations just for you, check it out:

FREE Pool Party Printable Invitations



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  • Plan Some Fun! Planning out your activities ahead of time will ensure that you have all the equipment you need. (Like pool noodles, water balloons, etc).
  • Get Creative! Now I know you don’t need tons of decorations for a pool party since swimming is the main attraction, but a little creativity goes a long way. Make a signature drink for your party, throw up some festive paper lanterns, and pick out some awesome summer jams! Speaking of summer jams…
  • Make a playlist! Once you are in the water having fun, the last thing you want to worry about is having to change a cd, or listening to endless commercials on a radio. Make a playlist for the length of the party, that way you can just start it and jam!
  • Don’t forget some extra seating! People might want to have a break from the water to grab a snack (or some sun!) so make sure you have some seating for those that need it.
  • Plan your menu! Are you going to offer food at your party? You could fire up the grill and throw on some burgers, or you can go the snack route. Also, no one ever got mad about some ice cream on a hot summer day right?
  • Lay Down the Law! While planning a pool party is an easy party to plan, there is 1 thing that you will need to consider more so than with other types of parties, and that is safety!  Whether your party is adults only, or for the kids, you will want to plan out and verbalize some safety rules for your party to make sure everyone stays safe and has fun!

With these simple tips preparing for a pool party will be easy and fun! What are some of your pool party tips? Leave them in the comments below!


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