Prom Dress Review

Prom 2013

We finally made it to prom day; I will say my daughter was totally stunning in her Clarisse dress from Prom Girl. We had every planned out and hoped that everything would fall into place. We had to get her dress altered a little. I was starting to stress because no one ever called me to let me know her dress was ready and we only had 2 days before prom. I called and the dress was ready for pick up. I picked up the dress and it fit perfectly. She looked so beautiful all dressed up.

You are looking at the Clarisse dress from Prom Girl. The quality of this dress is just amazing. This dress is covered in gold sequins and is totally stunning. We had fun doing a photo shoot before prom. She would have stayed in from of the camera all day if she did not have to go to prom. I would highly recommend Prom Girl for your prom needs. Prom Girl has so many top designer dresses to pick from and they have a awesome return policy if the dress does not fit properly. I had our dress altered rather than sending it back for a different size. My daughter only needed a small adjustment with the altercation. You can get all of your prom needs with Prom Girl from shoes to jewelry.

I would love to know more about how your son or daughter’s prom turned out? My daughter’s prom was in Mt. Pleasant, SC on the ship at Patriot’s Point.

You can see more details on Shannon’s review of Prom Girl.

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