Quick Tips on Packing for Vacation with Kids

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Quick Tips on Packing for Vacation with Kids


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Spring Break is around the corner and packing for a vacation can be stressful. What do I need to bring and how can I pack the most into one suitcase. I have some tips I would like to share with you on how I pack for family vacation with kids. Its time to #BreakForSpring

Packing for my daughter is the easiest! She loves dressing up and folding or rolling her dresses is a breeze and tossing in a pair of tights or matching hair bow isn’t hard at all. My son on the other hand seems to be more complicated. Though he is still young enough I still love to dress him up where ever we go, especially when we are on vacation though. I can still get everything i need for both of them at OshKosh B’gosh and they looks amazing every time.

Tip 1: I will Always pack my kids clothes in zip lock bags. I will pack my kids clothes in a zip lock bag for each day per child. Day 1 in goes a pair of socks, under garments, shirt, pants or dress! That way I can tell me older ones to grab Monday’s clothes they can dress themselves without having to try and match and figure out what goes with what for that day! I also pack them in zip lock bags because then at the end of the day I will have them take off their clothes and pack it right back into that zip lock bag leaving the dirt and smells of the day in the bag verses in the suit case making everything else smell! Especially when you are not able to wash your clothes until you get back home! You an also use trash bags but I love the organized look of a zip lock back.

Packing for Spring Break

Tip 2: Now for the adult clothes even a gallon size bag isn’t big enough for these so I love to use space saver bags. The kind you do not have to use a vacuum though! I still pack each days worth together. If I am wearing a dress I leave it open and place all my garments inside then wrap it up. Or I same goes for a t-shirt, all garments go inside then I fold accordingly. You never know if you will be quietly dressing in a dark hotel room and you do not want to leave the hotel going to a conference or meeting unmatched!

Tip 3: If we are traveling somewhere far and we are staying at a hotel for one night towards our destination I will pack a small suitcase or duffle bag for our whole family. There is no sense in dragging everyone’s suitcase up for one night. I will pack, PJ’s and clothes for the next day and I keep a small bag for toiletries for that one night as well! If there is a pool I will pack swimsuits too and just use the hotel towels to save on space!


Tip 4: I always pack a small duffle bag in one of our suitcases because it never seems to fail that we buy something or many somethings along the way and I use this bag to carry it all back in so we aren’t crushing our new items into our already packed so well suitcases!

Tip 5: I leave a bag of books, toys, coloring books and flash cards in the center of the car! Whether it is short trip or long vacation with kids keeping enough items for them to do in car is a great idea! Though we always love to play games in the car. We love to watch all the cars and find each state on the license plate or play the alphabet game and try to find signs with words starting with each letter In Order, first one to finish the alphabet wins! Both games are fairly quite too, hmm to bad. HA!

Tip 6: Before leaving any hotel I always do a clean sweep after all the kids and car has been packed! I always feel like we always leave something every single time. Pull back the shower curtain, sheets, under the bed and Always check the drawers. Our kids think we are moving in and leave something in the drawers all the time. Or we end up forgetting the phone charger in the wall!

Tip 7: Where ever we are going I love to pull up the events page on the hotel site or county site and see if there is anything worth wide going to! Like I said we love to dress up and go investigate new things!


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