Raw Dog Food Recipe

Raw Dog Food Recipe

raw dog food recipe


With more problems occurring with commercial dog food and dog treats, many animal owners are starting to feed their dog(s) a Raw Dog Food Recipe. Many people feeding their dog a Raw Dog Food Recipe report that within a few weeks they notice changes for the better with their dog. Some of the benefits that a Raw Dog Food Diet can bring include the following: no doggy odors, less frequent dog stools, lower cost for dog food vs. commercial foods, naturally cleans teeth, and allows time for their body to naturally digest their food. When switching to a Raw Dog Food Diet, many people are confused where to start. This Raw Dog Food Recipe will get you started and help you with portion size and variations for your pets.

Basic Raw Dog Food Recipe

Best Protein Choices:  Raw egg yolks, beef, lamb, chicken, turkey, buffalo, venison, elk, emu, ostrich all fit for human consumption.

  •  If possible include Organ meats (Hearts, Livers, gizzards or kidneys) as 20% of the protein you are feeding.
  • Always use the Same protein choice for a single meal. Do not mix them together.

Best Vegetable Choices: broccoli, zucchini and any other squashes, kale, chard, dandelion, Romaine lettuce, celery, parsley, asparagus, and pumpkin. (Even canned pumpkin is fine as long as the label says 100% pure pumpkin.)

  • Use as many vegetable choices in one meal as possible.

How to prepare the Raw Dog Food Recipe

Combine  75% raw ground meat and 25% raw ground or steamed/mashed vegetables.

Sample Sizes:

8 ounces of Food = 3/4 cup of raw meat and 1/4 cup of vegetables

4 cups of Food = 3 cups of raw meat to 1 cup of vegetables

8 cups of Food = 6 cups of raw meat to 2 cups of vegetables

Raw Dog Food Recipe Helpful Tips

Make a very large batch and freeze in serving size portions so you can defrost and serve.

Use small pieces of Raw Meat or Roasted Meat for training treats.

Do not feed your dog anything except what is on the Raw Dog Food Diet.

Consult with your veterinarian before switching to a Raw Dog Food Diet.

Keep your pets healthy and avoid this list of foods – What Not To Feed Your Pet

Not ready to go completely raw, check out this Healthy Dog Food Recipe. 

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