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Recipes Kids Can Make

Recipes Kids Can Make

If you want your kids to love cooking then start them early. Get them into the kitchen and teach them some easy recipes kids can make. Not only will they learn how to make their favorite food, this will also be a fun bonding time for parents and children. A perfect way to teach them and at the same time make memories that will last a lifetime.

Breakfast Recipes for Kids

Make your kids day extra special by surprising them with a delicious power breakfast to jump start their day. Our breakfast recipes for kids are perfect for busy moms, because we made sure that these are quick and easy that kids can even make it themselves.

Fun and Easy Recipes for Kids

Who says food should be boring and serious? We have gathered our list of fun and easy recipes for kids, so that you can introduce your little ones to the kitchen. Most of these recipes doesn’t need to be cooked, such as monkey food and smoothies, making it perfect for small kids to make.


Dinner Recipes for Kids

Yes kids can make dinner and we are not just talking about heating frozen meals. We have easy dinner recipes for kids that are easy enough for them to follow and make. How about easy mexican lasagna, sounds delicious? It tastes delicious too, so get your kids and yes especially teens into the kitchen to make a special dinner for the family.

Kids Snack Recipes

Make tasty snacks that kids will look forward to every day. Check out our collection of kids snack recipes, we have homemade doughnuts recipe, healthy lettuce boats and a lot more.

Healthy Cooking with Kids

Start your kids early in having a lifestyle of eating healthy food. We made healthy cooking with kids fun, easy and of course appetizing that even picky eaters will surely love it. We have no sugar homemade apple sauce, vegan lemon hummus recipe and more.

Holiday Recipes for Kids

We love holiday seasons because it’s a great time to be creative in the kitchen. Host a fun party or just a make a holiday extra special for kids with our list of Valentine Recipes, Easter, St. Patrick’s Day, Halloween Recipes, Christmas Recipes and more holiday recipes for kids. All these are colorful, delightful and super flavorful.

Dessert Recipes for Kids

Make mouthwatering desserts every day without busting your budget or taking tons of time to make. Our dessert recipes for kids are perfect for everyone’s sweet tooth. And since kids look forward to desserts for sure they will love to help you out in the kitchen to make it, such as our kid friendly mousse recipe.


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