Save Money on Exercise Equipment

Save Money on Exercise Equipment


  It is that time of year again. The time of year again when we are ready to start over to get healthy. I know it is a big deal to get healthy in fact I recently did a cleanse you can read about it here Advocare review. I also suggest working out that is the key to a better lifestyle. This is how I suggest you my save money on exercise equipment tip for the day!

Here are ways to Save Money on Exercise Equipment:

You will first need to decide what you actually want to work on. I suggest walking up and down your stairs. If you have a house with stairs. I mean why buy a stair climber if you have stairs?

The next thing I would suggest doing in the plank exercise. This will work your entire body. It is easy to do and you do not need any exercise equipment. Plank is done by laying with your belly towards the floor and pushing your arms up like you were going to do a push up except you do not come down you just stay with your arms up. Your feet should remain hip distance apart. You will be on your tip toes. I would try to hold this pose for 30 seconds and increase the time from there. It isn’t easy but it is effective.

You can also use items around the house  and use those to create your home gym. You will need to gather the following items:

1)  Stable chair

2) Gallon water bottles or gallons of milk or even your laundry soap container. These will be your new weight set.

3)  Cans of various sizes and weights

4)  A towel

5)  A yoga mat or a rug that is log enough to provide resistance. A yoga mat is under $20 easy to store and very useful for almost any exercise routine.

Save Money on Exercise Equipment now and do the following exercises:

1)  Dips

2)  Squat with overhead press

3) Bicep curls and front and side shoulder raises

4) In a plank position put feet on towel and then bring knees in and out to your chest or Lie on your back, knees bent, feet on floor and place rolled towel between knees. Lift hips up and down 15 times making sure to press legs into towel at the same time. After 15 reps hold hips up and pulse 15 times

5) You could roll  up the mat and jump over it side to side. You can also do planks, push-ups, v-sits, bicycles,the pilates 100’s .

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