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Success Weight Loss Story

Success Weight Loss

100 Miles of Lessons: New Year, New Me. A Success Weight Loss Story

Just over four years ago I walked into a 12 step program, sat down and listened as people shared their testimonies. There was no way I would be one of those people; or so I thought. As time went on I found the courage to stand up in front and share something so personal, so intensely painful and humiliating that I would sob all the way back to my chair. “Hello, my name is Karla and I am addicted to food….”

In those four years since I shared that horrible secret I have attempted to get control not only of my weight but the addiction that had crippled my spirit. I was broken and for a long time and wasn’t sure if I could repair the damage. I was scared, ashamed and sad. I was fat. But then something changed. I changed. Fifty-two days ago I received one of the best gifts I could ever receive. I was given the opportunity to begin a program to detox my physical body while at the same time beginning focusing on renewing my spirit. My life journey was about to take on a whole new path; one that would not only take away the weight that kept me down but that would renew and fill my spirit with confidence and peace. I had hope. Today I share with you my ongoing success weight loss story.

On November 25 Amee (Madame Deals herself) challenged me to walk 100 miles on the treadmill by January 1. I accepted the challenge and began to increase my time at the gym from thirty to sixty minutes every day. Within a few days I was walking farther and faster than before and as I logged each mile my transformation began to become a reality. I am no longer overweight sad out of shape Karla who hid behind fluffy hair and make-up. No longer am I waiting on my husband and son to escort me to the gym. I am going by myself and I am making it happen. I realize that this was about more than just the weight loss. It, this journey, is about transforming myself to become the person I am supposed to be. The weight loss is a bi-product of the real focus in all of this. What’s really important is the transformation that is taking place on the inside. What I become on the inside will reflect on the outside. My renewed transformed emotional self will shine through creating positive physical changes as well. I am determined to have a success weight loss story.

Becoming the new me, Karla 2.0, begins deep within my soul. Peeling off the mask of shame, sadness and doubt and allowing myself the opportunity to live life as it is meant to be lived has taught me so much. As I prepare to welcome 2014 I am thankful for all that I have been through to get to where I am now; even the struggles. Life is more about the journey than the destination. It’s like going on vacation and waiting to get to your destination before you start having a good time; you miss out on so much by not enjoying the trip.

As a result of my 100 mile treadmill trek I’ve discovered that I am stronger than I ever thought I could be. Conquering my fear of going to the gym by myself has allowed me the confidence I needed to complete the challenge successfully. With each mile I walked I knew that this time would be different. This time my success is not dependent on some weight loss gimmick or quick fix. This time my success weight loss story depends on ME and nobody else. This time I own it. And for the first time in my life I have let go of doubt, fear and negativity and replaced it all with confidence, hard work and positive energy that will catapult me into the New Year filled with promise and a much brighter future.

To date I have lost 30 pounds. This success weight loss journey is not easy; sometimes I’ve wanted to give in and give up. It’s at those times of difficulty I rely on my support system, my husband, children and friends that have surrounded me with unconditional love. Knowing that the transformation and the work is mine and mine alone I rely on those people to encourage me on the tough days and celebrate with me on the good ones. Setting small goals to reach the big goal has become part of my transformation. With each small goal I allow myself the opportunity to achieve success frequently. Recently I shared with my friend Mike that I was going to get rid of all of my clothes as I “grow” out of them. (In the past I have kept them and stored them away just in case I ever needed them again.) Mike shared with me that when the early settlers would travel to a new land they were instructed to burn their ships after they arrived. By burning their ships they were forced to stay and make a life for themselves. Like the settlers burning their ships I am getting rid of the fat clothes so that I no longer have them to fall back on or grow back into. Setting myself up for success requires me to burn my ship or in this case get rid of the clothes. “Just in case” is no longer part of my vocabulary.

As I shared with Amee that I bought new pants on this last day of 2013 she professed that 2014 was going to be my year; the year that I become the real me. As we texted back and forth she reminded me that in just over 30 days I walked 100 miles on legs that 30 days before got tired going down a flight of stairs. She reminded me that it’s not my legs that carry me; it’s my spirit and that within my spirit comes the determination to make the transformation complete and live a healthy productive positive life with meaning and purpose.

I’ve already started working toward my next 100 miles. I know I can do it and I will continue on after that. My success weight loss story is an ongoing challenge. This is my new reality and I am ready to leave the doubts behind and live life to its fullest. To quote my friend Mike “It’s not a dream. It’s not a wish. It’s K2”.


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