Should I Buy a Home Warranty

Disclosure: I received compensation on behalf of American Home Shields for this post but all opinions expressed here are mine.

Should I Buy a Home Warranty

I have a little story to tell. It is a story that has drama, excitement, despair, hope, and a happy ending. The ending could have been horrible if it wasn’t for one saving grace. I was having a particularly good day. I pop some clothes in the wash. I put the dishes in the dishwasher. I loaded all three children in the car and they even had their backpacks, lunches, shoes on. I dropped them off at school. I then had a weird feeling and decided to go home instead of straight to the gym. Do you ever get those feelings when you know something is wrong and you do not know what? Well, I walked into my garage and there was a puddle. How did water get in my garage? It didn’t rain and the kids were at school. It then dawned on my as I opened the door to my home and there was my laundry room covered in water.

I immediately freaked out but knew enough to turn it off. I grabbed towels and threw them on the floor. I went to my computer and googled what else I would need to do. I took all the steps necessary to secure the area. I then called my warranty company. I always buy a warranty on things that get used a lot. I knew that my major appliances were a major expense and that I couldn’t afford not to protect my investment. I made sure that I put away money for the warranty when I selected my unit. I included that price in my purchase price budget. The reason is simple I knew the risk that a washer that is used once a day would eventually have an issue. I know that a repair person is $80 an hour plus parts. I knew my washer would fail and this would pay for itself. I was wrong. The washer was fixed. It then had another issue three weeks later. We had that issue repaired. Then a month later something else went wrong and we had that repaired. We had based on what I was told over $500 worth of parts and repairs done in those three months. I did not pay $500 for my warranty and I am grateful that I had it.

We talk about how to save money. That is a way to save money when you look at the probability that something will happen and you pay ahead just in case. We all know that having something happen and not having coverage will put you at a greater risk. I love all the new appliances out there they are fancy and expensive. They are also difficult to repair. You have to call someone to repair them. When you look at your home and you evaluate what you own you will see that getting a quote from a home warranty service company like American Home Shields is an expense that you should take on because it will cost you more later for those repairs. You will have them. I have saved thousands over the course of the 11 years I have lived in my home by paying hundreds upfront. You may ask what the good news is my washer now works perfectly and I didn’t get “taken to the cleaners” getting it repaired!

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