Shrimp Clean Eating Recipe

Shrimp Clean Eating Recipe

Advocare shrimp recipe

I love shrimp and I will admit that it is my go to meat. I always have some in my freezer for a quick treat since it doesn’t take a long time to thaw and it always tastes great. I am also quite proficient at stretching one bag into a meal for 5 by adding veggies. This is a clean eating meal with a lot of flavor and it is healthy it is a crowd pleaser. It is also a great recipe for the Advocare 10 day cleanse.  I love Advocare and you can check out the results of my friends who have also tried the Advocare 10 day cleanse by searching my site using the word Advocare. Well I know you want to know how I made this dish.

clean eating shrimp

Clean Eating Recipe

Here are the ingredients for this clean eating shrimp recipe Ginger Red onion Broccoli 1 lb of shrimp 1 cup of carrots 1 cup of pineapples 1 cup of butternut squash diced olive oil Instructions for Cleaning eating Shrimp

red onion

You will cook the onions in a pan greased with olive oil

butternut squash shrimp Then you will place in the butternut squashclean eating shrimp

Then add in the shrimp


I grate in my ginger. I use a lot because my family likes it. If you aren’t sure you can always add more in when you serve it.

shrimp clean eating

Add in the carrots and broccoli

This is my tip I put in 1/4 cup of water and I put a lid on the pan to be able to steam the broccoli.


Then I place the pineapples on the top and serve. You can cook the pineapples but my kids do not like them cooked.

This is a quick 15 minute dinner. It is really easy to make and healthy. I just love how wonderful it smells and that it is healthy.

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