Spring Water Bottle Craft for Children

Water Bottle Craft

I absolutely love the idea of sending fun packages to your loved ones via water bottle! Where I live winter is definitely dragging its feet, and I am so ready for spring and warm weather. I thought it would be a lot of fun to do a water bottle craft using fun spring colors, and activities to get excited for the upcoming season. This “bottle of spring” is for my niece and a little for her mom too!

How to make a Water Bottle Craft:

  1. Drink some water or another beverage in a plastic container
  2. Wash it out and remove the label
  3. Find items that will fit in your bottle based on your theme
  4. Place items in the bottle
  5. Close the bottle by screwing on the cap
  6. Then you will need to create a label
  7. Secure the label with duck tape or packing tape
  8. Head to the post office
  9. Mail your gift

I headed to Target to find the items for my water bottle–they have a great dollar section that is often stocked with seasonal goodies. Once I had all my items I washed and dried the bottle, and got to work putting all of the fun items inside. I squeezed quite a lot inside this bottle, including; a mini Snow White kite, because what screams spring more than a kite?! A Hello Kitty chap stick, a fun beaded bracelet, jelly belly’s, two pairs of fun spring colored socks, a packet of watermelon seeds, because planting seeds is such a fun part of spring and something my niece and her mom can do together and watch grow all season long. Last but not least i stuffed as many fun sized M&M’s in there as would fit. I threw a quick note inside and sealed the bottle with packing tape, then with some fabric tape and painted the top of the lid to make it a little prettier. This project was so fun to do, and I can’t wait to hear how my niece likes it when she finds a water bottle full of fun in the mail!

Check out all our water bottle crafts on our water bottle craft page. Don’t forget to pin this post for me, please! 🙂

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