Star Wars Gifts

Star Wars Gifts

Unique Star Wars Gifts Shopping for Star Wars fans young or old can be difficult depending on how old the Star Wars fan is. Shopping for your 2 year old nephew is different than your 35 year old brother or 20 year old sister. With the release of new films and the broadening of the Stars Wars craze, more fans are being converted. Make sure you present Star Wars Gifts at the next party or holiday with our suggestions below. 

Best Star Wars Gifts

Star Wars Gifts for the Home

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Light Saber Ice Pop Maker – fans young and old will love making delicious treats with this 4 hilt light saber ice pop maker. Freeze any delicious drink into a frozen treat. LED lights will let you light up your treat as you eat.


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Star Wars Glass Coasters– Protect surfaces and add a bit of Star Wars to your living room. Such an easy way to slip Star Wars into the rooms where design ranks above personal preference. No spouse will be able to argue against protecting the tables from cup rings.

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Star Wars Pancake Molds – Breakfast just got more fun with pancakes shaped like Star Wars Characters and Vehicles. Even the “big” kids won’t refuse breakfast in the morning when they get a look at the pancakes you made.


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Star Wars Light Saber Chopsticks – Forget the rules about not playing with your food. Now you can defend the Universe and eat your dinner with these Light Saber Chopsticks. Decide whose side you are on.

Star Wars Gifts for Pets

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Star Wars Death Star Pet ID Tag – not only will your pet show his Star Wars side but he will be trackable with this unique pet ID tag. ID tag comes with a QR code on one side that when scanned by any smartphone hows them who your pet belongs to.


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R2-D2 Dog Collar – Your dog will show off his Star Wars style with this collar that reminds us of our favorite robot, R2-D2. Available in 3 sizes (small to large) your pet will be fitting in within no time.

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Chewbacca Dog Collar – This dog collar comes in 3 sizes (small to large) and is perfect for your companion. Travel thru the galaxy with your co-pilot just as Han did with Chewie.

Star Wars Gifts for Kids

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Star Wars ABC Board Book – Teach them early on to be Star Wars fans while they learn their ABCs. There are no apples, snakes or zebras in this Star Wars edition. Instead they will learn that S is for Stormtrooper and E is for Ewok. The letters mimic the character they are representing so expect the unexpected when reading this book with your little one.


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Star Wars Body Suits – Star Wars fans will stop at nothing to show off their pride. What is cuter than little Wookies or Yodas crawling around in Star Wars themed Body Suits. Buy 2 or more and they can show off their Star Wars side every day of the week.

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Lego Star Wars Sets  – From beginners to master builders, LEGO  has every Star Wars fan covered with sets both big and small. For Budding Collectors the Star Wars Mini Figures are a great way to add to their collection.

Star Wars Gifts for Anyone

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Seatbelt Style Star Wars Belts – Seat Belt style belts are popular and your favorite Star Wars fan will be honored to keep up their pants with their favorite character. Available in 5 styles and adjusts to different sizes.

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Star Wars Phone Cases – There is no reason to settle for a boring phone case. Sport your Star Wars Pride every time you make or receive a phone call. Purchase a couple so they can switch up the case when they want to show their loyalty for other Star Wars Members.

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Star Wars USB Flash Drives – Can’t display your Star Wars collection at work, no problem. Transport and store your data on these USB drives designed like your favorite Star Wars Character. They can’t make you grow up if you don’t want to.

If money is an option and you don’t have a ton to spend. For just a few dollars you can create your own unique Coaster Set with your favorite Star Wars Paper. Check out our tutorial for DIY Ceramic Tile Coasters.

There are many great options available for Star Wars gifts and with a simple search you can find the Perfect Unique Star Wars Gifts.

No Star Wars Gift Wrap available? You can check out our ideas for Alternative Gift Wrap.

If you are having a Star Wars themed party you can create DIY Party Favors simply with Star Wars Wrapping Paper.

What are you ideas for Unique Star Wars Gifts? Share them below.

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