Stress Free Party Planning Tips

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I love entertaining at home. Some may think I’m crazy, but I do enjoy planning for a party. Preparing the menu, thinking of games to play, and planning the entertainment for my guests excites me. I think it’s because growing up, my mom always had guests at home whether they are relatives, church friends, book club members or work friends. She even encourages us to invite friends over for our birthday parties or even for a simple pajama party. It’s nothing extravagant but the thing that made those parties special is that no matter how simple it is, she made sure it’s well planned and memorable for all of us.

Being a mom now, I want my kids to experience what I experienced growing up. I want them to have the joy of having lots of memories with us, with family and with friends, that’s why I’m known not to pass on hosting a party. I want our home to be filled with laughter and fond memories of a good company of people we love. But I do understand why hosting a party can be a scary task for some. Without proper planning, it can be a daunting task filled with stress.

That is why we are sharing our party tips because we want you to not only throw the perfect party but to enjoy throwing it. The holiday season is almost in full swing, so take this opportunity to invite friends and family over and create those memories that will last a lifetime.

Stress-Free Party Planning Tips

1. Plan early and have a checklist

This is very important. You have to give yourself enough time to plan. Know your limitations and don’t attempt to throw in a party just for the sake of it. Factor in your workload, your kids’ activities, and if you have other commitments. Decide how many days you need to prepare the party and stick with it. You need to have a checklist to make sure that you know what you still have to do.

2. Have a guest list

You want a fun party. That means you have to check and recheck your guest list. You want everyone to get along well and without drama. You also need to know who has said they can come and who isn’t coming.

3. Have a budget

One of the reasons why some avoid hosting a party is because they are scared of spending too much. Having a budget and sticking to it is the key.

4. Keep the food and drinks simple

Don’t try to cook fancy food that will take lots of your time. You can serve easy party finger foods or those that can be quickly heated. If guests offer to bring something, accept their offer.

5. Clean only the most essential part of your home for the party

Don’t stress yourself of cleaning your whole house from top to bottom. Just clean the most important areas. If you can hire a cleaner and it’s still within your budget then do so. You can even assign some cleaning tasks to your family members.

6. Accept help

If someone offers to help, accept it! Delegate some tasks so the party planning wouldn’t be too overwhelming.

7. Prepare for the after-party cleanup

Be prepared for the after-party cleanup. It can’t be avoided and this will consume time. Don’t stress too much about it and just think of your successful party. Again, if you need help you can assign tasks to your family members. It will also be easier if before the party you have already prepared your dishwasher, so you just need to load the dirty dishes.

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So, I hope these tips will help you with a stress-free party planning. Last important tip that I want to remind you is to remember to enjoy and have fun at the party too.