The School Supply Every Parent Needs

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Some days, it feels like I spend every waking second worried about my kids. I think did they eat? Did they eat something that is in the food pyramid? Do they know what the food pyramid is? Have they learned anything today? Did they pick up their room? Do they have a clear path out of their room if there was an emergency? Do they know what an emergency is? No, it isn’t that we are out of snacks. That isn’t an emergency! That is an inconvenience at best.

I have been so fraught with worry about my children and their safety as school returns to session. I needed a solution. I wanted to be able to “call in a play” because our life is a mixture of the super bowl and duckpin bowling if I needed to do so. I wanted to make sure they got on the bus. I need to make sure they got off the bus. I need to make sure they know they aren’t riding the bus home because it is Tuesday, and they will practice. Oh, did they bring their shoes, shirt, shorts, water bottle, sunscreen, and snacks? I wanted to know that they were okay. That returning to school was going well, and if it wasn’t, I wanted to be there for them. I couldn’t bear to work without the tool to keep my children safe.

They didn’t need phones; I needed them to have phones.


School supply every parent needs

We are all struggling with safety concerns. We have gone over every scenario in our heads, and they all end with we need a method of communication. We need to be one text away with an encouraging word. We know in return, we are going to receive a “K.” We know we will receive a jumble of letters that mean something that we will have to Google to understand. We need a solution to reduce our anxiety.

Verizon has the solution. They have BUY ONE PHONE, GET ONE FREE on sale from July 21 to August 10th. I say treat yourself to a new phone and get one for the love or loves of your life.

Verizon Smartphones

With the BOGO deal, you will get special pricing when you buy 2 phones at the same time. Take note that the phone must be of equal or lesser value than the phone that you are buying.

Screen Shot 2021 07 26 at 9.49.56 PM

They have the Apple IPhone 12 Pro Max that start at $36.66/mo.

Screen Shot 2021 07 26 at 9.52.46 PM

I also saw the Samsung Galaxy S21 5G that start at $33.33/mo.

Check out more available smartphones at Verizon.

Verizon smartphones buy one get one

I trust Verizon to provide the coverage and service we need. My husband and I have been Verizon customers for over 16 years. They have the best coverage domestically, and I have used them while out of the country too. I am someone who knows a deal, and their range is the best. What good is a phone if you don’t have service? We got a fantastic deal on both the phone and the multiple lines in our home. I never leave home without my phone. I never have to worry about not being accessible to my children with Verizon as our cellular service provider. When I think about my children’s safety, I know I can’t prevent everything, but I can provide them with a phone to help. I know where they are when they arrive, and I can send them everything from a reminder to clean their room to a note congratulating them on a good grade.

If you need a phone, the question isn’t if you need a phone it is which phone is best for your family?

Take advantage of this offer, shop using this link >>> Buy One Phone, Get One on Verizon Just in Time for Back to School

Tell me what you bought? I am a Samsung girl but my kids are iPhone users.