The Secret of People Who are “Killing It.”

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post on behalf of Bluprint but all opinions expressed here are mine.

The Secret of People Who are “Killing It.”

What is the secret of people who are "killing it?" Read the secret to success that will give you time for entertainment and learn something new.

How I Found My New Passion on Bluprint

As a recovering super parent who didn’t have time for herself. I gave up all my hobbies. I became a shell of whom I wanted to be. I was lost.

In the span of 14 years, my life became all about everyone else. When I looked at my calendar, everyone had a color my color was clear. I didn’t exist until I figured out a way.

It started like this, she sat at the counter and painted a picture. I watched her paint the picture with glee and envy. Where had the time gone from the stick figures to figures I would immediately recognize without taking an educated guess?

I realized I wanted to sit at the table and paint a picture. I began to imagine my hand curled around the brush. The way the tip of the brush would feel against the canvas. How I could pick up the yellow paint and mix it with the white as the sun began to emerge in the middle of the canvas. Then how the sky blue would blend into the darkest greens with a wisp of grey for the clouds would settle into my canvas. The sigh of relief I would exhale as my stress would melt as each stroke pulled me closer to my inner artist.

Then I sat down and thought there has to be a way to balance what my family needs from me and what I need to give myself.

I pulled out my planner and my phone because I needed to double check my availability to myself. I started to giggle I could pencil myself in between when the bus leaves for the first wave of children and the fifteen minutes before I had to wake up the next child. Then I remembered the joyful beagle that liked to play fetch at 7 am. I kept looking there looked to be some time between my work and when the kids got home. Nope, that needed to be used to empty the dishwasher, fold the clothes, and to pee alone. I continued my search. Yes, I see an opening one week from today on Thursday at 9:30- 10:15. I will pencil myself in there. I put my name down “ME” in big black letters. I traced them. I made them bold. I even added a couple of flowers. I was ready, so I thought.

I was thinking about what I would do during my me time. I opened up the app for the gym, then I opened up my email, and I scanned the folder of things to do. Yes, I have a folder I am type A. Then the phone rang.

I answered the phone. The person on the other line demanded I pick a time to come by. I opened up my planner. I put a big fat X through Thursday at 9:30- 10:15 as it turns out now I need to deal with a school conference. I closed my planner. I made some weird sound because it startled my daughter and I impacted her drawing. She asked, “Who was that?” I told her.

It turns out me time can’t be scheduled. It is going to happen when I can make it happen. It may be five minutes. It may be twenty. It may happen for a long period of time and it may happen for a short period of time. The truth was it needed to happen and the question was how?

I answered that blank in the question. I found the key to the gate. I found a way to make me believe that I deserved to explore my aspirations.

I typed in this into my computer

I signed up.

I looked through the classes and I picked several on topics I love. Photography, painting, cupcakes, and yoga. I marked them as saved. I uploaded the app on my tablet and my phone. I was going to do this. I was going to watch those classes while I lived life.

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This is what I learned in the food photography class- How to make your food look so good you want to touch it by using light, angles, and depth of field. You can try the same food photography class.

Then, I was going to merge my love with the people I love and we were going to pursue our dreams together. I became a better photographer, artist, mom, and the best version of myself because education has a way of elevating our lives.  I watched this class on basic photography.

This is what I learned in the sport’s photography class– How to freeze action and blur people in the background. You can try the sports photography class. I mean who doesn’t want to take pictures like the pros? I share my pictures with the athletes and they download them to use as their screensavers. The parents even print them out as gifts. The best thing is I can watch these classes over and over again to make sure I have mastered my craft.

sports photography

What if you could also do something different. Something that would make your life better. Would you? Would you take the chance? What if there was no failure if it wasn’t an option would you jump in?

This is what I learned in the painting flowers class

You can you can also have Bluprint be the plans that start making your dreams happen.

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