The Top 10 People to Delete Off Your Facebook

The top 10 people to delete off your Facebook

The Top 10 People to Delete Off Your Facebook

I know we talk a lot about ways to clean up our home, but we must also remember that we can clean up other areas of our life as well. Today I want to talk about something I’m sure almost everyone has to deal with, and that’s Facebook friends that drive you crazy. You know the type, the friends that make you roll your eyes every time they post something. So my question is, why do we keep them around? I say we start cleaning up our Facebook Friends List today! Let’s start with who should get the boot (in my humble opinion)…

The Top 10 People to Delete Off Your Facebook

The Constant Gamer- You know the one, playing Facebook games ALL day and wanting to drag you down with them? (No offense to you Candy Crushers). I would give them the boot first. Unless of course you are really good friends or family in real life. In that case, tell them in person to cool it with the game requests.

The Debbie Downer- I like to surround myself with positive people in my real life, so why should that be in different for my online presence? Do you really want to read about the “horrible day” that you 2nd cousins best friend that you have met 1 time is having? Now don’t get me wrong, everyone has bad days, but not every day.

The Complete Opposite of You- Now I love a good debate, and our differences make the world go wrong. But we all have (at least) that one Facebook friend that fights with us on everything we post. They don’t agree with our political views, religious views, or even what we had for dinner that night. Repeat after me, stop feeding the trolls and give them the boot!

Helen Hippocrate- You know this one I’m sure. This is the one whose real life and online life don’t quite match up. The one that talks about other’s for doing the exact same thing they do offline. Kick em out, ain’t no one got time for that!

The Top 10 People to Delete Off Your Facebook

The Share button Abuser- This one is probably the one that annoys me the most. That friend on Facebook whose entire wall is filled with shared photos. And the worst are the shares of “share this photo and get into heaven!” Or the picture of a baby in a hospital with “share this to donate $1 toward this babys new heart!” Stop it, and get off my wall.

Liar Liar Pants on Fire- No one likes Liars in real life, and people seem to find it easier to lie online, or is it just me? Get outta here!

Sympathy Sam- Also known as Poor Me. Again, I know that everyone has problems in their life, and we are all entitled to have an off day, but that one friend who is constantly fishing for sympathy with vague “nobody loves me” post? You don’t need that in your life!

The Top 10 People to Delete Off Your Facebook

Sally Sales Girl- Anyone else get tired of the constant ” Living my life debt free thanks to this awesome pyramid scheme that consumes me life!” Followed with 4 party invites a month. Bye Felicia.

The Friend from Highschool who you have nothing in common with anymore- I know you and Amanda were close in highschool, but now she has completely different views on life and you know it drives you nuts.Hit that unfriend button and call it a day.

Anyone Amy- The last one is anyone that you feel that doesn’t make a positive impression on your life. Life is hard enough as it is, that is why you should surround yourself with positive, fun people who make your life better, and vice versa.

Who will you be deleting off your friends list first?

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