The Ultimate Real Advice Gal List

Do you want to know what I can’t live without? You may because I try products and services for my job. I am also someone who has a love for beauty products you may say an obsession. It is okay I not only admit I like all things fashion and beauty but I like a good deal. I mean a great deal!

This is my list of Real Advice Gal can’t miss products. In case you need gift ideas for women. It is okay to buy yourself a gift. You deserve it.

First off use EBATES. Sign up under me. I saved $45 dollars this month shopping online and in the store! I use the % off and then I add on coupons to save even more. I have saved thousands using Ebates! My link is I appreciate the commission since this site isn’t free to run. Plus you would be contributing to this post since I will buy more things to test out!

rag favorite things

The first product that I am loving this month is this make up holder. I was tired of half used products and not being able to find what I need so I bought myself this.

I love how much it holds the amount of space it saves and the fact that I can find the products I need even before I have coffee.

I am obsessed with this egg facial cleanser this month. It leaves my skin tight. I wonder if it would work on my cellulite? Also, check out our picks for 10 Step Korean Skin Care Routine.

I am over the moon for this foundation it took forever to find one I like. It gives great coverage with one pump and full coverage with three pumps. I love it foundation. I suggest buying the brush with it! I love it and it has sunscreen.

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I also like the brush to put it on!

The next product I use all the time. I mean everyday and it seems dumb but it saves money, space, and the environment. Are these bamboo towels. They work well and you can use one sheet one hundred times. You can read my post >>> Are your paper towels magical?

or you can buy your own right here NatureZway.

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I love these I use them all the time to hold left overs and marinate meals. I also use them to cook ahead. They do not stain and are dishwasher safe. I love these rubbermaid containers. I highly encourage you to make the investment you will throw away less food! That is a game changer here. Rubbermaid containers are the best!

These are some more gift ideas for women.

Cookie, Cookies, Cookies!!!

We are loving these Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Kosher Cookies this month. They are super yummy. I am currently hiding the lemon ones in the raisin cereal box.

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I love my initial necklace it is so cute and I love to wear it.

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I also love this S’well water bottle and I use it every day! It is a great gift to give.

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I love my kindle fire. I got it when I cracked my iPad for less than half price. I use it the same as I did my iPad. It was so cheap and it does the same things. I highly recommend it I just want to remind you get the one without offers.

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The second to last item that I am loving this month is these rain boots they are so cute! I have tall rain boots and I hate wearing them because they get so hot after awhile. That is why I made the switch to these and they can’t be beat they are so adorable! You can buy your rain boots here

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I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t share my favorite red lip color for the month. I stumbled upon and I am satisfied with the coverage! I love the pioneer Maybeline lip product.

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I am in love with the Rothy shoes. I have to say I have worn the yellow lemon drop ones so much my daughter asked if I would buy her a pair I did. They are so soft and you can wash them. They are a little pricey so here is $20 off. I swear they are worth the investment you will enjoy them. I would buy a half of size larger because they run small. $20 off. <—– Click here

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