What Goes on in Palmyra Virginia

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It isn’t the hills that beckon or that sound that one hears when they listen. It is the way the grass moves in the wind and the way that the river flows and the rocks that the children throw on its shores. These are the shores where history was made. There are people who are ready to share the tales of time gone by in historical Palmyra.

Palmyra Virgina 2

We are a town of many faces and histories. The city of Palmyra, Virginia is full of people who grew up here and the people who moved here and never wanted to move on. We are a little rural community that believes in one another. We are a hand to hold and a day to explore. We have apple orchards and a country store. We have fresh vegetables that are passed to you by the hands that nurtured them. We have farmers who have jams to sell and the homemade bread on which to lay the spread. We have fresh eggs from chickens that roam.

Palmyra Virgina 5

We have a town fair that is the same every year and children who can’t wait to get there. We have a livestock auction to view and the children that show the cows, goats, rabbits, sheep, and steer that they raised. We have tractor rides and horse drawn carriages. We have old cars to see and sheep to pet. We have Old Farm Day every year, and it can’t be missed. We have pulled pork to savor from the little place down the street. We have over there in yonders ways. We have sunsets that paint the sky with hues of purples and reds.

We have churches on every corner and people who believe in being there for others. We have trees that block your view as their leaves reach to the sun. We have Pleasant Grove that once produced crops a plenty but today its the center of our community.

Palmyra Virgina 1

We have the lady who waves to you at the bank as you cash your check. The gentleman who helps you with the door as you balance a baby on your hip. We have little league, soccer, football, and high school sports. We have schools and teachers who taught your parents and students who are now parents. We have faces that we know and faces that know us. We are a town that supports the small businesses and invests in their success. We are a town that when tragedy strikes people show up.

Fruits 3

We are a place that grows its food. The place where kids grow up to be somebody special. The place where kite festivals, community egg hunts happen, father daughter dances, Earth Day Celebrations and community plays that reign supreme. The place where things are passed from one hand to another because Palmyra understands that we are all sisters and brothers.

Palmyra Virgina 4

People ask me all the time why I live in Palmyra. It isn’t fancy. It isn’t convenient. It is the place we put down roots so long ago because we wanted our kids to be part of something and this community has become our home.

If you want to do something special in Palmyra, Virginia that is easy to do. Let us know what you like, and we can tell you what there is to do. Palmyra offers tubing on the Rivanna River, to eating fried chicken that will make you lick your fingers, free movies at the library, hikes and nature tours, sports to participate in or to watch, history tours to take, farmer’s market with fruits, vegetables, baked goods that will take your breath away. There is never a shortage of things to do in our community. They say the only thing missing is you.

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