Things a Mom Says

Things a Moms Says

It wasn’t that long ago that I rolled my eyes at my mother. I rolled my eyes because of the things a mom says to their child. Then one day I awoke and realize those same things were rolling off of my tongue. Do you know what is worse? I am saying even crazier things than my parents said to me. I figured since almost everyone who works on the Madame Deals team is a mom we would write our.. “I can’t believe I really said that list.”

Things a Mom Says:

1) Your brother is not my favorite but right now he could be. (said after finding my lipstick on every doll on her bed)

2) I love you to the moon and back. (Mom, why would you send me to the moon and back?)

3) Stop! Picking your nose if you are that hungry eat what I cooked. (Said after one child refused to eat dinner but instead picked their nose and ate that)

4) No, I am not in the mood to wipe your butt can you ask someone else? (Said after potty training all day and wiping invisible poop for the fourth time)

5) Can you please pick up your toys before they wake up like the ones in Toy Story and leave the house when your sleeping? (The idea came to me after watching Toy Story 2)

6) God gave you two ears and one mouth there was a reason. (Well, Mom that explains why I have two hands. Nope I didn’t get the connection either but decided he didn’t understand why he should listen more and talk less after my lesson on anatomy”

7) You look just like your dad. (Well that is good mom we wouldn’t want anyone to wonder. I think he heard me tell the story about how surprised my husband was that the baby looked like him. I was a bit annoyed since there was a 50% chance the baby would look like him the other 50% the baby would look like me since there wasn’t a third option.)

8) If you do not eat your dinner I will send it to someone in the Soviet Union. (Mom, that places doesn’t exist anymore.)

9) Put on your shoes and stop walking on them. (Mom shoes are made for walking on. I should have said put your feet in them completely and then walk)

10) Sometimes I wonder why you are so noisy (Mom if we weren’t you wouldn’t use the in stereo feature on the tv that booms)

-Amee Madame Deals 1-10 I own my mistakes… and funny moments


11) If you don’t stop I am going to punch you in the head (Said after constant bickering between both children who needed to be shocked into silence.No I didn’t do it nor ever really planned on it.)

12) Can’t I just take a shower alone. (After my daughter and 3 dogs kept coming in)

13) Because I said so and I am the mom. (After trying to explain to my daughter for the 5th time whey she couldn’t do something.)



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