Tips For Organizing Your Purse

Tips For Organizing Your Purse

Tips For Organizing Your Purse

I don’t know about you, but any time I try to find anything in my purse it’s like pulling teeth. I don’t mean to make it so messy, but somehow I always do. Maybe I can blame it on being a mom, and having to carry around my stuff and my daughters stuff. That seems reasonable right? Well, no matter the reason, it’s time to clean it up and get it organized, and to stop making excuses for having a nasty purse ha!

So here are some great tips for organizing your purse to help you and me!

5 Tips For Organizing Your Purse

1. Get rid of that junk! We all know that some stuff in ends up in our purse doesn’t belong in there. So about once every other week dump out that purse and take out junk you don’t need out of there!

2. Empty out those pockets! When organizing your purse don’t forget to clean out the pockets. You’ll be surprised at what you will find in there! Just last week I found a giftcard that I had completely forgot I had that was worth $50

3. Only carry what you actually NEED! You know you don’t need 3 different packs of gum and 4 different shares of the same lipstick. Lighten your load by nixing all the stuff you don’t really need.

4. Invest in a Purse Organizer! These cool little can be super helpful and aren’t expensive. Just toss one in your purse and use the compartments to organize your purse quickly and easily.

5. Get a smaller purse! I am guilty of hauling around a huge purse. And what does a huge purse mean? It means you can carry around more junk than you actually need. downsize, trust me!

There you go, 5 easy tips for organizing your purse! Hope you enjoyed!

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