Valentine Crafts for Kids: Valentine Wreaths

Embrace the spirit of love with our guide on “How to Make Valentine Wreaths” – a creative and heartwarming DIY project that will add a touch of romance to your home, creating a welcoming and festive atmosphere for the season of love!

How to Make Valentine Wreaths

Valentine Crafts for Kids: Valentine Wreaths

I decided it would be fun to make Valentine wreaths with my children. This wreath cost less than $10 and took about thirty minutes from start to finish. I completed this Valentine Crafts for Kids project with my children both five and under so it is very versatile.


Valentine Crafts for Kids

Valentine Wreaths Materials:

  1. Tulle: 2 yards
  2. Embroidery ring
  3. Tape
  4. Ribbon
  5. Felt
  6. Beads
  7. Needle
  8. Thread


Cut the tulle in three inch threads

Cut the felt in large circles. I use a mug to trace with 🙂 Cups work as well.


Then open up your hoop and Squish the tulle on it by puncturing it

You will continue to do this until the hoop is covered.  You will want to bunch it as much as possible to create fullness


Then you will want to tape it closed



Then you will want to sew on the felt flowers. You can see how I made them, check out my felt flower pattern tutorial <—


You will want to place the thread through the flower. Than loop it around the hoop and through the tulle. Then I loop it through itself and pull. I do this several times to secure it.

Then I just tied a ribbon to hang it up. I made sure I tied it in a bow so that it hung evenly. This Valentine Crafts for Kids: Valentine Wreaths project was inexpensive and fun and I think it looks adorable.


Felt Flower Pattern

Here is the pattern for the felt flowers

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Do you have Valentine Crafts for Kids ideas? Or do you have Valentine Wreaths photos share it with us below.