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We have started on our path to what I like to call freedom. I shall define freedom as having a choice. I bet you are thinking I have a lot of choices. You are correct. You do have choices but being able to make choices without worrying about will you be able to afford it is a whole new accomplishment.

What if you could be free? If your first thought is if I was free, “I would buy X.” Then you really aren’t free. Freedom comes from losing your need to have things. We often replace what we actually need with shiny objects. I am going to ask you today to write a mission statement. Your Freedom Goal. It needs to be measurable. It also needs to be something you are prepared to work toward. I will share mine for this year.

I will spend more time on myself instead of spending money. I will look at what I spent last year on shiny objects and cut that expense in half.

How will I accomplish this? I will go over the spreadsheets I created from last year. I actually track everything over $5 on a google doc. I use google because it is free and I can open it on my phone and add in my expenses.

Your fitness goal for today is to try a new exercise. If you can’t leave your house there are plenty of free exercise programs on youtube. I also use Amazon prime.  I suggest the

Couch To Confident 14 Day Yoga Challenge

If you haven’t tracked your expenses from last year or figured out how I save money using a calendar then read my post from yesterday >>> How to Live Without Debt.

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