Reduce Stress Reduce Debt

Reduce stress by reducing your debts. Get out of debts now. Read my tips

We are now in day 3 of the journey to a debt free life. I think to myself how different my life is now without having to worry about if I can pay for the electricity. That is being dramatic because we have never had to worry if we could pay the essential bills in our house it was more like what do we have to cut to pay the essential bills.

How did we always have enough money to pay the essential bills? This goes back to the budget. Did you do yours yet? I am serious it is the difference between being stressful and not having to worry. If you didn’t that is fine you can do it now. You can read my post How to live without debt

Then I highly suggest you buy a planner. I have this one because it is big enough to not lose but it fits in my purse.

Clementine Planner

I know you are trying to save money so you can print out a calendar we have one for you for FREE. You can find that in this post >>> How Can Save Money by Using a Calendar

Now, let’s talk about how to reduce stress. I suggest these things.

  1. Wake up and remind yourself that you are blessed
  2. Be grateful for what you have
  3. Breathe deep breaths and thank yourself for all the good you have contributed to the world
  4. Let yesterday go. Today is a new day, new opportunity, and the best is yet to happen.

Make yourself a healthy breakfast. This is a favorite of mine.

Add some twist to your breakfast sandwich and turn it into power breakfast. Learn how to make an avocado sandwich

How to Make an Avocado Sandwich

Then complete your 30 minutes of exercise. I suggested a free yoga program on Amazon Prime in my Ways to resolve debt problems post.

The task for the day read your goal from yesterday. Complete 1-4 above and check your spending from yesterday. What can you do better today?

Ideas: If you bought lunch out pack today. If you took an elevator then walk the stairs today. If you found that you were angry or upset yesterday do something nice for someone else today. We have 100 ideas >>> 100 things you can do to help others for FREE

100 things you can do to help others for FREE

I truly believe if you take care of yourself it will reduce stress. If you reduce stress you will spend less.

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