Wedding Wednesday: Choosing the Right Vendors with Price that Match Their Service

The last thing that you want to mess with your wedding plans is to hire unprofessional and unreliable vendors. A quality vendor will provide whatever service they are paid to, some even provide extra service in a professional and pleasant manner, but how can you tell right? Here are some tips:

Research: Researching potential vendors is very important. Check for their website and search online for reviews of the services that they provide. You may also check out their relevant licenses or professional associations that they have. Also, take note of the information on their websites because these can be a great jumping-off point for questions during the formal consultation.

Set Up A Formal Consultation: Schedule a formal consultation with the vendor that you’re interested in. Use this time to ask whatever questions or concerns that you have. Take note of how these vendors handle your questions.

Ask for References: Ask for references and then give them a call.

View the Portfolio: Never ever hire a vendor without first viewing their portfolio. These
are a collection of pictures or samples of a vendor’s past work. Most cake decorators, florists, music ensembles, and caterers have portfolios of their work.

Ask For a Bid: Before you make your final decision, it is important to receive a

Make Comparisons: Compare what each vendor is offering, weigh their services and their bids.

Evaluating vendors is a crucial part of the wedding planning process. You definitely do not want to be stressed with last minute glitches, so make sure to evaluate and research before choosing to hire one.

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