What to Include on your Wedding Registry

Simple Guide to Organizing Your Wedding Registry

It has been over 10 years since I registered for wedding gifts but I still remember not knowing how many items I should register for and what price ranges those items need to be in. With two families coming up within the next 1-2 years, I knew I had to help my sister and “future’ sister-in-law so they wouldn’t go thru the same problems I faced.

Here is a simple guide to show you how many items you should register for in each price category. Print it out and take it with you and you will find gift registering a breeze.

  Example: If you are inviting 40 people you would go down the “40”column and register for the following:

10 gifts under $25

15 gifts between $25-50

15 gifts between $50-75

5 gifts between $75-$100

2 gifts between $100-$150

3 gifts between $150-200

Planning your wedding registry can be a fun and exciting part of the wedding planning process. Here are some tips on what to include on your wedding registry:

  1. Kitchen Essentials
  • Register for kitchen appliances such as a blender, coffee maker, or toaster.
  • Add items like cookware, utensils, and bakeware to your registry.
  • Don’t forget about dish towels and oven mitts!
  1. Bedding and Linens
  • Register for high-quality sheets, pillows, and comforters.
  • Add towels, washcloths, and shower curtains to your registry.
  • Don’t forget about throw blankets and decorative pillows!
  1. Home Decor
  • Register for items that will add a personal touch to your home such as picture frames, wall art, or decorative vases.
  • Consider adding a nice set of candles or a diffuser to your registry.
  1. Outdoor Living
  • If you have a backyard or outdoor space, register for items such as a grill, patio furniture, or outdoor lighting.
  • Don’t forget about outdoor entertaining essentials such as serving trays and drink dispensers.
  1. Travel
  • If you’re planning a honeymoon, consider adding travel items to your registry such as luggage, a camera, or a travel guidebook.
  • Register for gift cards to airlines or hotels.
  1. Electronics
  • Register for electronics such as a smart speaker, a TV, or a tablet.
  • Add items like headphones, chargers, or a portable phone charger to your registry.
  1. Fitness and Wellness
  • Register for fitness equipment such as a yoga mat, weights, or a workout bench.
  • Consider adding items like a fitness tracker or a meditation app subscription.
  1. Charitable Donations
  • Some couples choose to include a charity or non-profit on their registry for guests to make a donation in their name.

Remember, girlfriend, your registry is a way to let your guests know what items would be helpful and appreciated as you start your life together. Be sure to include items that suit your lifestyle and personality, and don’t be afraid to register for items at different price points to accommodate all budgets. Happy registering!