How many white glue sticks does one kid really need?

Ok, let’s be honest with each other for a minute. When you get your student’s school supply list what is the first thing that pops out of you mouth? “How many white glue sticks does one kid really need?” If you don;t say it out loud you know you are thinking it. Well, let me tell you the honest answer. A LOT!

How many white glue sticks does your kid really need


How many white glue sticks does one kid really need?

12? 14? 20? 24? Really? Yes, 12 at least! How do I know this you may ask? As a homeschool mom, there are exactly two students in my class. I can honestly tell you that we go through dozens of glue sticks during the school year. It is one of the school supplies we use the most and run out of most often. The only other supply we use more are dry erase markers. Yes, I am sure your child’s school supply list requires several packs of dry erase markers. We use a TON of dry erase markers in a year.

Giving Back Packs School Supplies 2016

What about students who can’t afford all of those white glue sticks?

Let me tell you, at our homeschool we had a supply shortage this year. It was tough! My husband went on strike in May as the school year was coming to a close for us. We were scraping by and not spending money on anything that was not absolutely necessary. Well, like any classroom in May there was not a white glue stick to be found and all of our dry erase markers barely worked. I managed to continue teaching and my children managed to continue learning but it was a lot harder without the proper tools we needed. This is why we participate in the annual Giving Back Packs Event hosted by Real Advice Gal and Madame Deals Media. We want to help other children have the school supplies they need so they have the right tools for the most important job of their lives.

 Many thanks to Wonderful Pistachios for sponsoring our annual giving back packs event 2016

I want to say a huge THANKS to Wonderful Pistachios for sponsoring our 2016 Giving Back Pack event. They provided a back pack, a generous supply of pistachios, and a $30 gift card that was used to purchase school supplies to stuff the back pack. Wonderful Pistachios in tube packs are perfect for packing in school lunches. They are also a great salty substitute for chips. My kids love cracking them open and we all love the flavor varieties. Wonderful Pistachios tube pack are available in Roasted & Salted, Salt &Pepper, and Sweet Chili flavors.

Wonderful Pistachios is an amazing sponsor of our Giving Back Packs 2016 Event

I am blessed and grateful that I am able to purchase the supplies my kids need for school. Paying it forward by sharing my blessings with others is so important!  Here is hoping children all over have the best school year yet!