Why I Needed to Start Baby Proofing My Face

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Baby Proofing Doesn’t Stop at Outlets

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When I had my daughter, I made sure that I registered for all the standard baby proofing equipment. I stocked up on outlet covers, door locks, wire protectors, and more. By the time my daughter was born, we had properly covered the outlets, installed locked on the cabinets, installed new batteries in the smoke detectors and bought new fire extinguishers.

My daughter was an adventurous one and I was never happier that we had spent the time baby proofing our house. My daughter was into everything and we even had to watch the dog’s food and water bowl because she thought they were to play with. I thought we had spent time baby proofing all the right places until one day my daughter showed me I missed one place.

I was so busy baby proofing my house I forgot my face!

I know that baby proofing your face is not normally on the list but I really wish I had done that the day my daughter decided to use my nose as punching bag. She had been learning to explore her surroundings and took her little melon and proceeded to head butt me right on the bridge of my nose. I instantly seen stars and for a brief moment seen black. Luckily my husband was close by to grab my daughter from my arms. Within an hour I had not one but two black eyes and my nose looked like a nose-job gone bad.  In hindsight, I wish I had let my husband take a picture because we joke about it to this day. We spent the next several weeks dodging my daughter’s repeated attempts at head bumps because she realized the first time caused a fuss. Eventually she stopped and went on to get into other things. Thankfully, she was protected by HUGGIES® Diapers for active babies because they kept up with her and all her antics.

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