Save Money While Cooking

Save Money While Cooking


Save Money While Cooking

Check out these 10 simple tips to Save your dollars while cooking!

1) Use powdered milk instead of regular milk –It is easy to mix up as needed as is a great substitute in recipes, pasta or rice side dishes,pudding and anything else that calls for milk. The only thing I won’t use powdered milk for is if I am having it straight up in cereal or a glass.

2) Keep your brown sugar from getting hard by placing a piece of bread inside the container. The brown sugar draws the moisture from the bread. Change out the bread when you use the brown sugar.

3) Skip the prepackaged pasta side dishes and make your own. My favorite is to take angel hair pasta and mix with butter, Parmesan cheese (the cheap powdered kind), garlic salt, and onion salt to taste.

4) Dress up plain white rice instead of buying packaged rice mixes. Put chicken bouillon in your water when making rice or experiment with your favorite spices to find one your family likes best.

5) Stop buying bagged rice, get a cheap rice cooker and make perfect rice every time. I got mine at Walgreens for $10 and love it.

6) Make your own mashed potatoes instead of buying instant. If you don’t like to peel potatoes just make sure you wash them well before cutting them up to boil. These end like the homestyle mashed potatoes you get at many restaurants now.

7) Use Quick Oats from a vs. buying the instant packs. It only takes a few seconds longer and then just add what you want on it.

8) Re-purpose your leftovers into a new meal. Leftover chicken, plain pasta and veggies are great for soups. Left over meat can make great sandwiches, wraps, or salad toppings. Turn leftover spaghetti into a baked dish by topping with cheese, extra sauce, and baking till golden brown.

9) Buy bread, bagels, or tortillas at the bread outlet or on sale and stock-up. Freeze what you are not going to use in the next week.

10) Make one meatless meal a week. Use beans or rice to add texture to your meal.

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