20 Reasons Why We Love Cracker Barrel

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Cracker Barrel for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

Cracker Barrel

I have been on an epic journey this summer. We have traveled almost the entire East Coast this summer. There is one thing that always happens on our car trips. We always stop at Cracker Barrel. It is my absolute favorite place to eat with the kids. We love it because it has the family feel. My kids love to play checkers by the fire and look in the Cracker Barrel’s Retail Store. I like the healthy menu options and you can’t go wrong with any of the fresh made foods.

I have been eating at Cracker Barrel, I hate to admit this because it will reveal my age, for the past 22 years. I found and fell in love with their old timers breakfast. The soft rolls and the biscuits and gravy. I am currently drooling on my computer thinking about it. I also ask for the fresh apple butter which I put in my grits. I have that with a nice fresh squeezed orange juice. When I am not into the breakfast I settle into a plate of chicken in dumplings. That back in the south in grandma’s kitchen feeling just comes right off the plate and floods you with memories of love, goodness, and warmth.  I love the feel of the restaurant especially when we are on the road, it just calms me down and I relax and enjoy some good old fashion comfort food. I will admit to planning my trip based on where there are Cracker Barrel locations and I leave the house at certain times so I can hit it just right for lunch or dinner. I know I left out breakfast but frankly since breakfast is served all day you can eat that anytime.

I will give you more reasons why Cracker Barrel is our favorite restaurant destination as a family.

20 Reasons Why We Love Cracker Barrel

1) They have this book program where you can borrow books on tape and return them for a nominal fee. I love a good book. You pay the full retail price and then you return it after a week and they charge you the takes and a little over $3.50. This is a super way to read new books on your trip!

2) They sell old fashion candy which I buy to share with my kids in exchange for peace and quiet. I may or may not have bought those huge Jawlipop Jawbreaker for $2.99 with that purpose in mind. We try to taste one candy type each time we go and I tell my kids about when I was little.

3) They have those rocking chairs. I can tell you nothing is better than rocking. I rocked my children to sleep on those chairs. They also help my kids get their energy out after a long haul in the car.

4) Breakfast anytime.

5) The menu is huge and everyone can find something.

6) Desserts. Have you had their desserts?

7) The service is always friendly.

8) The decor just like you pictured the south to be like.

9) The prices and the quantity of delicious food you receive.

10) The store I can’t tell you how many last minute gifts I have bought there. I have also

bought my child an outfit when they got really dirty.

11) I have bought my kid’s clothes from my favorite University. Go Gators!

12) The music selection. They have cds that are exclusive featuring your favorite artists.

13) Jewelry you had me at the biscuits and gravy but you can keep me there with bling.

14) There are 600 locations in 42 states.

15) Bread. Hot bread or biscuits or corn muffins made fresh!

16) A great website with all sort of excellent deals.

17) Those peg games on the table you got it I am a genius!

18) The cute little bottles of syrup with the huge pancakes my kids order.

19) The laughter and joy as my family shares a meal.

20) The last reason to head to Cracker Barrel because no matter where you go or which one you end up in, the quality of their products is always there. 

What is your favorite Cracker Barrel moment? I know mine, it was the first place my children had chicken and dumplings! Yummy!

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