Peach Picking Season

The Best Time for Peach Picking

peach picking season

Summer is in full swing and one of the many benefits is the availability of fresh fruit. My favorite summer fruit is the peach. There is nothing more refreshing on a hot day than to bite into a juicy summer peach. By the time peaches make it to the grocery store they have been transported across the state (sometimes states) and been jostled around so much they aren’t at the peak of flavor. That is why I love to pick my own! 

So when is The Best Time for Peach Picking?

Get that fresh flavor very simply when you pick them yourselves and now is the perfect time to go peach picking!

The Peach Picking Season starts in June and runs thru August but not all types of peaches are available at the same time.

Yellow Peaches are available Mid-June to mid September

White Peaches are available July to August

Donut Peaches are available Mid-July to August

Clingstone Peaches are available June – August

Freestone Peaches are available June-September

peach picking 2

Before you go Peach Picking make sure to do the following:

Call the Farm to make sure the peaches are ready.

Find out if you need to bring your own containers

Bring enough containers so you don’t fill them up to high to prevent bruising.

Make sure to pack sunscreen to prevent sunburn or worse.

Bring something to drink and a light lunch if you plan to stay awhile.

Go early on the weekends to get the best selection.

Make plans for all the delicious peaches you will be bringing home.

 To find a place to go peach picking near you check out Pick Your Own for a listing of Farms in your area.

After Peach Picking make these delicious recipes 

White Rabbit Salad that gets tastier with Peaches

Peaches with Mascarpone

 peach picking 3

To find out all the best times for Fruit and Peach Picking