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Amazon Music Samples

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There is nothing worse than buying and downloading a new song  only to find out it is the wrong song, wrong version of the song, or it isn’t sung by the performer you thought it was. I also dread buying an entire album only to find that there are only a few songs I want to listen to. Most people do not even by the CDs anymore but rely on digital copies they can sync to all their electronic devices so they always have their playlists available and ready to listen to. I buy most of my music from the Amazon Music Store because of the Amazon Music Samples. 

What are Amazon Music Samples?

It allows you to listen to samples from individual songs or samples of an entire album with the click of a button. When you are done listening you can choose which ones you want to buy or you can buy the whole album all from the same screen.


I like using the Amazon Music Samples when picking out my “workout music”. It allows me to find new songs that have the energetic beat and fast tempo I need to keep me energized during my workout and then ones with a slower pace to help me stay focused during my cool down period. Music is a cheap motivator and is a perfect addition to the ways I Save Money on Exercise Equipment. With Amazon Music Samples you can discover a whole new world of music that you didn’t know existed.

You will also no longer waste money on songs or albums that you won’t listen to. Amazon Music Samples allows you to advantage of the great savings in the Amazon MP3 Store without purchasing songs you won’t ever listen to. Deals can change quickly so you will want to make sure to check them out when shopping for your music.

Here are some shortcuts so you can find the latest and greatest deals.

$0.69 Songs 

$0.99 Songs

$5 MP3 Albums 

Top Albums $4.99 or Less

Daily Deals

Don’t forget to use the Amazon Music Samples before purchasing to make sure that you have picked out the best songs and that they are ones you will listen to.

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Do you use Amazon Music Samples? Tell us how it has shaped the way you buy music?