Internet Dating is it worth it? #1 Site for Love

Okay I normal write about cheap dates with my husband. I decided this week to write about cheap dates for my single friends. I can honestly say a lot of my girlfriends have met their mates on I know you are thinking it is crazy to pay to meet people. They actually have a free 7 day trial. I  think it is one of the best things to invest in. I feel fortunate that I met my husband when I did. I also know that I did a lot of interviewing before offering him the job. If you are serious about getting serious or if you want to meet new people. I say give it a try. You have 7 days to see whats out there. I mean you did research when buying a car right? I say why not research who you want to spend time with.

I convinced my friend to go online and meet guys. I mean the people she was meeting on her own weren’t quality. I think the quantity of people available to meet on increase your odds of finding someone. It is also a great way to explore new places by going on dates. She always asks me should I meet him my answer is are you interested enough to have a cup of coffee? Then I say what else do you have to do? I think you should go online and do your research think about about it this way you never know who you will find unless you look!

If you met your life long love on Let me know!