Baby Shower Ideas and Decorations

Elevate the joy of welcoming a little one with our enchanting collection of Baby Shower Ideas and Decorations, providing inspiration for charming themes, delightful games, and decor that will make the celebration a cherished and picture-perfect occasion.

Baby Shower Ideas and Decorations

Baby Shower Ideas and Decorations

Welcoming a new baby to the world is one of life’s sweetest celebrations! What isn’t so sweet is how much it can cost to welcome that baby, but I have some decorating suggestions to help you host a terrific baby shower that won’t break the bank. On my blog, Spaceships and Laser Beams, we specialize in parties for boys (and non-frilly girls!) so I have lots of Baby Shower Ideas and Decorations to help you plan yours.

Baby Shower Ideas and Decorations

Pick Your Baby Shower Theme

A first consideration in decorating is to decide on a theme. Yes, it really does matter because it gives you focus; that will help you determine how to best use your available resources.

How to choose a theme:

  • Consider interests/hobbies of new mom and dad-to-be.
  • Consider what mood you want to establish. For example, is this to be a casual or a formal gathering; are you looking for off-beat fun or a classically refined celebration?
  • Do you want to focus on baby (nursery rhyme references or childhood joys) or is the focus to be on the new mama and her preferences?
  • What colors do you want to use?

Decorating Your Baby Shower

Once you have decided on a theme, the fun begins! Even if you don’t consider yourself to be crafty, you can download and print a lot of free party needs. You’ll find welcome banners, food tents, invitations, medallions to use as food toppers, and more, on Pinterest. A lot of those items can be used in more than one way. For example, party circles, aka medallions, are frequently used as cupcake toppers. You can use them as table confetti or affix them to baker’s twine and create a garland. You can also attach them to the outside of plain dishes with temporary glue dots and you have a themed “set” of party ware.

Shop your house first, and expand your search by borrowing from other family members or close friends if there are items you still need for building on your chosen theme idea.

Dollar stores also yield a surprising amount of materials with which to decorate, especially if you think creatively past the intended use of some items!

These are just a few ideas of how to economically decorate for a baby shower. With a little imagination and a little help from friends, you can host a terrific baby shower that doesn’t ruin the budget.

What theme will you use for your baby shower?

Stephanie Keeping is mom to a boy named Sam, a blogger, and an Etsy-preneur. She celebrates boyish charm at Spaceships and Laser Beams, where she talks about all things boy and birthday party.

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