Black Friday Shopping Tips

Black Friday Shopping Tips


I know it’s not even Halloween yet but those of us that are on a budget are already thinking about holiday shopping. Black Friday is one of my favorite “holidays” of the year and we have a lot of fun with it every year. I know some people lock there doors and wonder how the rest of us do it but my family goes out on a 10 hour shopping spree and we have a lot of fun doing it! Now, I’m not saying it’s not stressful because it is, ha! But with a little planning and a lot of coffee the deals (and memories) are worth the wait and lack of sleep in my opinion. So for my fellow Black Friday shoppers I wanted to share with you my tips on getting through the night and making it worth you time!

Here are my Black Friday Shopping Tips:


  • Plan out your day! I know some people have reservations on going out on Thanksgiving to hit the deals, but the truth is, most of the big box stores open Thanksgiving night and if you wait you will miss those deals. So you have to decide if that family time is worth giving up. I have a small family, and we do Thanksgiving for lunch, so by the time it’s time to leave we have had our dinner and are ready to suit up and shop, as a family ;). Do you research and see what time the stores are opening and what time you need to be out of 1 store and in line for the other! Check back with us soon we will have store opening times up as soon as they come in!
  • Set a budget and Stick to it! There are so many deals to be had that it might be hard not to max out your credit card and get them all but you will regret it if you do. Scan the ads and make a list of what you want and how much it is. Decide on a budget before you make that list that way you can nix things that aren’t in your budget.
  • Have a back up plan! With so many people out and about on Black Friday there is a good chance that you are going to miss out on a deal. We have all heard stories of moms fighting over that last Elmo doll, don’t be that mom! Always have a back up for an item you want but may not get. It will help dull the pain of missing out, ha!
  • Grab your Team! Black Friday shopping alone is not fun and you are sure to miss out on some deals trying to run through a store the size of a football field when everything you want is in different sections. Grab your mom, sister, bestie, ect and make it a fun and productive night for all. Make a plan, divide and conquer!
  • Be Prepared! You will be standing in line, a lot. That is a fact and can not be avoided. Wear comfy shoes, bring a jacket, an umbrella, and some snacks. Considering you will be shopping late at night and the wee hours of the morning there might now be a fast food chain open to grab those late night munchies from so make sure you pack some snacks and water for the wait. I’ve seen some people bring lawn chairs to wait in line as well. I’ve never waited for more than 2 hours so I’ve never felt the need, but I can see the value in having one!
  • Price Match! A lot of stores will have the same hot items on sale so make sure you find out what store has the best price AND a back up store with the 2nd best price. Some stores (like walmart) will price match other Black Friday ads as long as it’s for the exact same item.
  • Be Nice! I know Black Friday can be stressful with long lines, people running around, and other not-so-nice shoppers, but trust me when I say that being nice to be people may make your night a little easier. Last year everyone at a store was being really rude to the poor worker that was trying to divide everyone into lines for the check out. All I said to her was that I was thankful someone was here to provide a little order and asked her if I could run to the coke machine and get her anything. She declined because she couldn’t have anything to drink while working, but guess who got moved to the front of the line? I did. Just for being nice. Even if it doesn’t get you any perks, remember that you get to leave the store we you are done, the workers get to stay and deal with hundreds of other people, or that overbearing mom that snatched that toy from you hand might only have the month to shop on this one day all year or her kids get nothing,  so be nice!
  • Be prepared to wait the longest for Electronics! One thing I don’t really mess with on Black Friday is electronics. When you see a great deal on a TV chances are the store got maybe 10 of those TV’s in and about 400 people are going to come for those 10 TVs. People wait the longest for electronic deals and they bring the most disappointment. My suggestion is to go for the Cyber Monday deals when it comes to electronics 😉
  • Have Fun! My last tip is to have FUN. It’s just a little shopping!

Don’t forget to grab this Black Friday Checklist I made for you last year! Happy Shopping!

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