Cedar Point Review

 Cedar Point Offers Something for Everyone

I hadn’t been to Cedar Point since I was a teenager so when I got the opportunity to go last weekend, I was excited as the kids. I was a little worried because neither of my kids have been on roller coasters before and I didn’t want to hear the whole time how bored they were. I reassured them there were other types of rides but my husband and I secretly talked about how we were going to get them on at least one coaster before the weekend was over.

I am proud to say that they did ride the roller coasters and liked most of  them. My daughter even went on some big ones with just her dad , I wasn’t feeling well after lunch. She deemed her favorite ride to be the Iron Dragon with the Mine Ride a close second. My son and husband road the The GateKeeper (Cedar Point’s Newest Roller Coaster) and couldn’t stop talking about it all day.

As much as we loved the roller coasters and fast rides it was nice to slow down and visit Snoopy and the Charlie Brown Gang. Cedar Point offers 3 separate areas for kids with so many rides that will make them think Cedar Point is just for them. You do need to watch the height limits because some rides do require an adult ride with those that are too small and others require a child under a certain height for those over that height to ride. I “Paid It Forward” and helped a pregnant mom whose twins were too short to ride alone. I Squeezed in the little nest (thanks to my recent weight loss I was able to fit) and we went on a twirly adventure. My daughter rode on her own and enjoyed watching me get spun in circles. I still think I am dizzy from it.

The view of the beach from the boardwalk was awesome and something I didn’t realize you could leave the park to enjoy. (As I said I hadn’t been there since I was a teenager.) They also have Challenge Park with Go Karts, Miniature Golf, Rip Cord and the Sky Scraper. (all available for an additional charge.) You can also find Soak City just outside Cedar Point. Soak City has its own admission cost but they offer discounts when you stay at a resort or visit Cedar Point.

The food options are endless at Cedar Point from restaurants and food stands inside the park to restaurants on the property outside of Cedar Point. We settled on Famous Dave’s over on Bay Harbour for dinner and I was extremely pleased and impressed. This was my first time eating at Famous Dave’s and we settled on the “Feast for Two” for our family of 4 and we left with a box of leftovers. It was by far the best Barbeque I have had and everyone was pleased. I was also impressed with the price because we all at the “Feast for Two” and it cost $39.99.

Before we even left my children were already talking about our next visit and we plan to visit again before the summer is over. There was something truly for everyone and who doesn’t love starting your day off with a picture of Snoopy and the Gang.


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