Cheap Exercise Equipment

Cheap Exercise Equipment

crunch live fitness review

I think people automatically think about physical equipment when I make reference to Cheap Exercise Equipment however the thing I need most when exercising is someone to guide me. I need someone to push me. I usually go to the gym but when I travel or when the classes do not fit my schedule I found an alternative. I found online fitness classes. They are easy to organize, they fit my schedule, and they are varied for my ability and my likes.  They also help you to get real about your fitness goals and dispel  “The Lies people tell themselves”.

1) I am to weak, heavy, small, tall, short, young, old etc  to do that

2) I can’t afford the gym

3) People like me do not do that

4) I do not have time to get to the gym

5) I do not like people looking at me

6) I do not have gym clothes

7) I do not have any equipment

8) What do I do if I am in class and I do not like it

9) The gym near me doesn’t offer the class I want

10) The gym doesn’t have child care when I need it

 crunch live review

      That is really the reason why Crunch Live will work for anyone it is your cheap exercise equipment. I had a blast when I went in NYC as a special guest. I was able to try out the three classes listed below by the instructors below. I can tell you I have never ever done any hip hop in my life. It was the most fun I have had at the gym ever! I truly can’t wait until August 10th when Kelley’s class comes out. Then we did a little boot camp. I have also never done boot camp which is surprising since my husband ran boot camp at one of his stations while in the Navy. I have always been a little scared. I loved it. I know it was challenging but boy did it help move my assets north. The last class laughing your A## off truly was fun. I can say that I wasn’t able to sit for the next two days but I am not sure if it was the combination of the three classes or that class alone. I will say the fact that you can tone your tush for 15 minutes. Well, everyone has time for that! I am a huge fan of my assets. I believe you need to look as good going as you do arriving and I am sure these classes will help you do just that.

Chisel It (for cardio and strength training), Mind Body Burn (for pilates, stretching and yoga), Dance Rhythms (to break out your best dance moves) and Quickies (15-min workouts for when you’re in a crunch).

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  1.       HARD KNOCKS



This ultimate “in your face” cardio workout fuses the hard hitting power of boxing with the booty dropping swagger of hip hop for one knockout dance party!

  1. TOTAL BODY BOOTCAMP (60 MIN) with Tyler Lee


Need to know: Mat and sneakers recommended. Towel to wipe your sweat off is a must!

In this total body workout, we focus on high intensity moves to help you build strength, tone muscles and trim down. Get ready to torch calories, get sweaty and have fun! (60 min)

Avg. calories burned: 210-310


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  1.       LAUGH YOUR ASS OFF (15 MIN) –


Need to know: Mat is recommended. Sense of humor is required. (No mat? No problem. Use a towel as a substitute).

This “Quickie” will make you laugh your ass off – literally! Get a serving of entertainment as you laugh your way through a series of super effective exercises designed to burn and tone your lower body. You’ll forget it’s a workout out but your booty will remember. (15 min)

Avg. calories burned: 40-60

   I think that the gym is a scary place your living room isn’t . You can do as much as you can. I would start with the quickies you can do one 15 minute class a day three days a week. Then I would add a thirty minute class the second week. You can try everything. It is only $10 a month. I highly suggest investing the time into your health. You are not only worth it but you deserve it.
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