Chinese New Year Traditions and Great Food

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Chinese New Year Traditions

Last February 16 we celebrated Chinese New Year or also called Lunar New Year. It’s the start of the Year of the Dog, and we celebrated it with Chinese New Year traditions and great food.

Just like the Western New Year celebrations, Chinese New Year celebration starts on the New Year’s Eve. It is the time for family reunions and feasts that continues until the start of the New Year. It’s a holiday filled with customs and traditions that Chinese families adhere to every year, a combination of thanksgiving for the past year and doing customs and traditions that would bring good luck and fortune for the coming new year.

Here are some Chinese New Year Traditions that we do in our family:

1. Offerings for ancestors – One of the most important Chinese New Year traditions is to offer food and prayers to our ancestors who passed away.
2. Praying at the temple – Incense and prayers are offered at the temple for blessings for the New Year.
3. Wearing red clothes – Red is the symbol of good fortune and luck that’s why most Chinese follows this tradition of welcoming the New Year in red.
4. New Year’s Eve Family Dinner – The most important dinner of the family. Although a lot of families now celebrates in restaurants, most would still prepare a feast at home which includes traditional Chinese New Year food that would bring good luck such as fish for prosperity, noodles for long life, dumplings for wealth, mandarins for good health and some sticky sweets for families to always bond together.
5. Dragon Dance and Fireworks – A symbol of good luck and to drive away bad energies, the traditional Dragon dance is always performed during Chinese New Year. Dancers who manipulate a dragon will perform, and they will reach for red envelopes placed by families. Fireworks are also lighted to drive away bad spirits.
6. Red Envelope – It is a tradition for Chinese families to give red envelopes with money during special occasions especially from older family members to younger ones.

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