How to Explain the Military To Children?


How to Explain the Military To Children?

I was sitting with my son last week. He is a very thoughtful child full of more questions than I can answer. He has these long eyelashes and eyes the make you want to melt. His questions are well thought out and come at you faster than rain in a storm. They wet you and sometimes chill you to the bone and other times refresh your spirit. They are occasionally light and kiss your soul, and sometimes they have the world driving each word. Today was one of those days where I had to stop everything and answer his question. This question was so big it filled the room, and I had to give it the attention it deserves, so I did.

He asked, “Why, do people want to serve in the military.” I sat down. I asked him for a minute so I could give this question the attention it deserves. I closed my eyes. I opened my heart, and my words began to flow. I asked him if he liked being able to talk. He said, “Most of the time except when my teacher tells me to stop.” I asked, him if he likes to pray. He said, “Yes, I do it all the time, but you told me to stop praying for toys and instead pray for peace and wisdom which I think I can find in toys.” Then I said, “Do you love being an American?” He said, “Yes, we have fireworks.” Then I asked him if he feels safe outside. “Yes, mama. Why wouldn’t I?”

How to Explain the Military To Children?

I said, “All of those things you enjoy the freedom to say what you want and when you want if it is not during instruction is provided to you by of Constitution of the Republic that we live in. The right to pray or not pray is also protected. The honor of being an American is more than fireworks, cake, and red, white, and blue. It is a freedom that is unlike any in the world. The safety that you have when you go to play outside, attend school, and walk in the streets is thanks to the men and women who serve.

“Serve what?” he said. I replied with “the entire world.” I explained to him long before he was born his daddy served in the Navy. He went to great big ships to defend our borders and keep the people at home safe. He pulled into ports to help the people whose governments didn’t allow them to pray, speak, who didn’t have food for their bellies and even reading material for their souls. He taught people how to provide for themselves. He helped protect them from the evil people. He worked countless hours, took classes to learn more, and applied everything he knew with everything he had to defend America and the people who required her assistance. I tried to explain their daily schedule, and how moms and dads were all over the world and their kids were home. I shared with him the amount of commitment it takes to be so brave and selfless and how significant their sacrifices are.

I told him the thing that daddy tells me, that it was the most important job he has ever had. It is the one that means the most to him. He is proud of his time as a soldier and his commitment to serve still runs deep. That is why he is a Gold Officer, and he helps others apply to the Naval Academy to start their career. It is why we stand for our flag, why we thank people in uniform, and why mommy and daddy shop at companies like Walmart that supports Veterans.

This is why we shop at Walmart:

They created a Veterans Welcome Home Commitment guarantees jobs to any eligible, honorably discharged U.S veteran who has separated from active duty since Memorial day 2013. They plan to hire 250,000 veterans by 2020.

Veterans Welcome Home Commitment guarantees jobs to any eligible, honorably discharged U.S veteran who has separated from active duty since Memorial day 2013.

They are committed to hiring veterans. They have employed over 194,000 since 2013.

They promote Veterans. 28,000 veterans have assumed roles of greater responsibility since 2013.

In my state of Virginia, they have hired 6,247 veterans alone and promoted 800 to roles in management.

Did you know that 1,300 families transition from military to civilian life and the Veterans Welcome Home Commitment helps them do just that?

Walmart’s commitment doesn’t end there with employment. They have another program geared toward building future business owners.

Veteran-owned businesses account for 2.5 enterprises in the United States, and they employ more than 5 million people, and they generate 1.1 trillion in sales.

The training for the Veterans Edge Event – Austin Texas was a three-day conference in partnership with Institute for Veterans and Military Families at Syracuse University. The event is designed to network, share opportunities, discuss best practices, and find available resources for growing companies.

Walmart supports our military not only when they are in uniform but also when they transition to civilian life. They are committed to helping them as they face this important period through job opportunities as well as support for programs that provide job training, reintegration support and education. That is why they created Walmart's Career With A Mission.

You can learn more about these events and ones like them at Walmart’s Career With A Mission website.

We believe in America’s values, and we believe in making sure that we will always be able to speak freely, pray, and enjoy safety. We believe in supporting the people that support America. We believe in the abilities of Veterans, and we believe in companies that help the people who serve while they are serving and after they have served.

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