Crying When Cutting Onions

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Crying When Cutting Onions


I hate cutting onions so I asked the age old question how do you stop your eyes from hurting and crying when cutting onions. I was really surprised by the tips. I decided to share them with you. I figured you may also be struggling with the cutting, chopping, slicing or dicing the onion.

Tips to Prevent Crying When Cutting Onions

  1. Have someone else do it for you
  2. Stick out your tongue the vapor goes to your tongue instead of your eyes
  3. Hold a match with your teeth the lit side out it absorbs the chemical (do not light the match!)
  4. Don’t cut the root end until the very end. They say the “toxins” aren’t released until the root is severed.
  5. Use Safety Goggles
  6. Wear a motorcycle helmet
  7. Peel under running water
  8. Slice near a burning candle
  9. Never tear it
  10. chew gum
  11. run it under cold water
  12. freeze it first
  13. only breathe through your nose
  14. Place in a food processor

Additional Tips

  1. Use a lemon once you are done on your hands to remove the smell
  2. Never leave an onion out that has already been used it will absorb toxins
  3.  If you are going to be cooking them (added to soup or browning them) go to food lion and buy the frozen chopped onion in the vegetable section. If you want them raw/crisper use fresh onion. 1 bag = 1 large onion and zero work.

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Do you have Crying When Cutting Onions? Share us your tip on how to prevent it.