DIY St Patricks Day Craft Customized TShirts

St Patricks Day Craft Printed Customized TShirts

I love when I can dress my daughter in something unique, with a personal touch–so I decided to make a DIY St. Patricks Day customized tshirts for her. This project is surprisingly simple for how professional the end product looks. All you need for this St Patricks Day craft are Modge Podge, green glitter, a sponge paint brush, and a water washable marker or pencil.

How to make Customized TShirts

First find and prewash your white shirt. Then you need to find your favorite clip art of a shamrock, I easily found mine by searching online. Trace your shamrock onto the center of a white shirt. Next is the fun part, mixing the Modge Podge and glitter. I poured about two teaspoons of Modge Podge onto a paper plate, then generously added glitter and mixed. Make sure you add enough glitter so that when you begin to paint you don’t see more white than glitter. Carefully fill in your traced shamrock and let dry. After about an hour I went back and did a second coat to make sure that there weren’t any spaces without glitter, then let dry overnight and you’re done! The finished product is a fun and personalized St. Patricks day shirt for your little ones, you could even make one for yourself!

*I haven’t had luck machine washing and drying clothing with this sort of decoration. I recommend hand washing.

Thanks for this guest post Ali Jarman!

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