Drink Recipes Kids will Love

Drink Recipes Kids Will Love

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I love entertaining guests at home and several times I had my kids asked me about the fun drinks that the grown-ups are having and of course they want to have one like it too. So I had a “eureka moment”, why should I not include my kids in our fun parties or even host a special kids party with awesome and unique drinks kids will enjoy. These are fun delicious and of course non-alcoholic but looks like it drinks that will spice up any party for kids, making them feel special and part of the celebration.

I then started collecting drink recipes kids will love and you’ll be amazed on how awesome and delicious these drinks are. I recently made some in preparation for our New Year’s eve party and my kids are wowed by the cocktail drinks that I made for them. If you want to make these drink recipes kids will love, my tip for you is to be creative with the presentation, make it look really cool by using fancy glasses and garnishing the drinks with fruits, cool straws and yummy whip creams.

See our list of Drink Recipes Kids will Love

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Crockpot Hot Chocolate – Starbucks Copycat Recipe

mocktails for kids

Cocktails and Mocktails Recipes

fruit punch recipe

Champagne Fruit Punch Recipe

mocktail recipe

Mocktail Recipe

peach smoothie recipe

Peach Smoothie Recipe


Red Devil Dr. Pepper Recipe


Dirty Dr. Pepper or Dirty Coke Recipe


Pumpkin Smoothie Recipe


Starbucks ButterBeer Recipe


Copy Cat McDonald’s Shamrock Shake Recipe

These drink recipes kids will love are not just for parties, you can whip these up to make a simple day extra special for your kids. You can even teach them how to prepare it. Making memories is one of my goals in raising my kids, that’s why I want them to have lots of fun memories to remember when they’re grown-up. And for sure these drink recipes kids will love are something that they won’t forget.

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