Kid Friendly Recipe : Dunkaroo Dip with Animal Crackers

Homemade Dunkaroo Dip so easy a Kid can make it.

I remember Dunkaroos fondly and who can resist the taste of frosting and animal crackers. This recipe is even better than the Dunkaroos I remember. It is also not high in fat due to the non-fat yogurt and fat free cool whip. This recipe is a great wasy for kids to create their own snack. No knives, cooking, or other worrisome kitchen appliances to harm them.

This Dunkaroo Dip Recipe also yields a decent amount and stores well in the refrigerator. Make a batch and put a small container with some animal crackers in your child’s lunch as a treat each day. They won’t even know they are eating yogurt and it is cheaper than buying already packaged snacks.

Dunkaroo Dip with Animal Crackers

Dunkaroo Dip Ingredients:

1 Funfetti Cake Mix

2  cups (16 oz)  nonfat/fat free  vanilla yogurt

1 cup light cool whip

Animal Crackers


Combine yogurt and cool whip in a large bowl.

Slowly add in the funfetti cake mix, stirring as you go.

Completely mix all the ingredients together until there are no dry pieces. If you need to add a little more yogurt.

Refrigerate until ready to serve.

Provide Animal Crackers and let the dunking begin.

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