Easy Kids Breakfast Recipes: Grain Free and Gluten Free Pancakes

Easy Gluten Free Pancakes Recipe

Gluten Free Pancakes

Eating gluten free can be expensive so when we found this gluten free pancakes recipe that has only TWO ingredients that are not expensive, we were skeptical. These two ingredients are found in most homes and can easily be bought in a regular grocery store- no special trips to the health food store or bins for almond flour etc.

This recipe is quick and easy enough for a child to mix up.

Easy Kids Breakfast Recipes: Gluten Free Pancakes

Gluten Free Pancakes

Grain Free and Gluten Free Pancakes


  • 1 banana
  • 2 eggs


  • Gluten Free Pancakes
  • Yep, only two ingredients.
  • If you beat them together right off then the egg may start splashing around so first mash with a fork or potato masher then beat till you can't identify the ingredients.

OPPORTUNITY FOR ADULT HELP: Whether cooking in a frying pan or on a skillet, a child may need help pouring and flipping the pancakes.

  • Use a ladle to pour some batter on a greased hot skillet or frying pan. When the pancake has lots of little bubbles on the surface the pancake should be flipped.
  • We love to top our "pancakes" with nut butter.

Tips: The texture of the pancakes is well improved if you use a fresh (as opposed to frozen) banana and if you beat the mixture well to incorporate a lot of air.

    Variations: Use the topping of your choice whether it be a sweet or protein. Sweet options may include fresh fruit, sugar free syrup or jelly. Protein options may include almond, peanut or seed butter. If you have a waffle iron you could use that as well to cook the batter. Putting a small portion of batter very close to a larger pancake you could make a snowman pancake. Then fruit pieces could be used to decorate the snowman. Have fun!

      Thanks to Rachel  for this gluten free pancakes recipe!

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