Elf on the Shelf Ideas

Get creative and add fun holiday spirit to your Christmas with Elf on the Shelf ideas that turn your home into a festive playground, delighting kids and sparking Christmas magic!

Elf on the Shelf Ideas

It is that time of year again the time of the year when we check off our holiday list. It is the time of the year when we decide to take this toy out of the box.

The Elf on the Shelf  toy is supposed to go to Santa and tell Santa if your child has been naughty or nice. He or she comes back from the North Pole and creates some sort of mischief, so I gathered some fun elf on the shelf ideas for you to try.

25 Playful Elf on the Shelf Ideas

25 mischievous and playful Elf on the Shelf ideas that toe the line without crossing into explicit or inappropriate territory:

Toothpaste Prank:

Have the elf squeeze toothpaste into the shape of a smile on a mirror.

TP’ed Christmas Tree:

Wrap the Christmas tree with a bit of toilet paper for a mischievous touch.

Elf Selfies:

Arrange the elf with a tiny smartphone, taking “selfies” with other toys.

Candy Cane Jailbreak:

Set up a scenario where the elf is helping other toys escape from a candy cane jail.

Snowball Fight:

Stage a small snowball fight with marshmallows or cotton balls.

Elf Spa Day:

Position the elf with cucumbers on its eyes and a “Do Not Disturb” sign.

Chocolate Chip Avalanche:

Create a scene with the elf and a toppled bag of chocolate chips, as if they caused an avalanche.

Elf Zip Lining Over Underwear:

Set up a zip line using string, with the elf “zip lining” over a line of tiny underwear.

Elf in a Boxers Parade:

Arrange a playful parade with the elf leading a line of miniature boxers.

Elf Hot Tub Party:

Place the elf in a bowl or container with mini umbrellas, surrounded by small plastic cups.

Braided Hair Extravaganza:

Have the elf braid the hair of other toys during the night.

Elf Toilet Paper Mischief:

Unravel a bit of toilet paper in the bathroom and have the elf “playing” with it.

Chocolate Syrup Snow Angel:

Create a snow angel on the kitchen counter using chocolate syrup.

Elf Movie Night with Naughty DVDs:

Set up a tiny movie night with the elf surrounded by toy DVDs with cheeky titles.

Elf on a Shelf Swing:

Create a swing using dental floss tied to a high point, with the elf having a swinging adventure.

Elf Shoe Collection:

Have the elf gather a collection of tiny shoes from other toys.

Elf Bowling with Socks:

Set up a bowling alley using socks as pins and a small ball for the elf to bowl.

Elf Trapped in the Cookie Jar:

Place the elf inside a cookie jar, as if it got caught stealing cookies.

Elf Tied Up with Ribbon:

Playfully tie up the elf with a festive ribbon.

Milk and Cookies Overindulgence:

Position the elf surrounded by an array of empty milk glasses and cookie crumbs.

Elf Poker Night:

Set up a poker game with the elf playing cards with other toys.

Elf Band with Naughty Lyrics:

Create a band using toy instruments, with the elf “singing” cheeky or humorous song lyrics.

Elf Yoga Class with a Twist:

Pose the elf in yoga positions, but with a mischievous or funny twist.

Elf in a Bubble Bath of Marshmallows:

Have the elf relaxing in a bowl of marshmallows as if it’s taking a bubbly bath.

Elf Cupcake Decorating Mishap:

Provide mini cupcakes and icing for the elf to decorate, but make it look like a messy, playful scene.

Remember to use your discretion and consider the preferences and sensitivities of your audience, keeping the overall tone light-hearted and in the spirit of fun.

How to Make Posable Elf

elf on the shelf ideas

The Elf on the Shelf  comes with arms and legs that aren’t posable. I decided to figure out a cheap and easy way to make my Elf on the Shelf Posable.

You will need the following items:

Your own Elf on a Shelf toy
Red or white thread
Paper clips or floral wire
Wire cutter (I just twisted the paper clip to break it
Optional Items:
Game Day Shirt for your Elf on a Shelf
Elf Tutu Skirt for your Girl Elf on a Shelf
Elf Couture Skirt 

moveable elf on the self

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elf on the shelf

elf on the shelf

elf on the shelf
moveable elf on the shelf

Step 1: Clip the string connecting the Elf’s hands

Step 2: Pull out the stitches in the glove of the elf.

Step: 3 Measure the arm with the paper clip or floral wire. Then clip it to fit into the arm hole.

Step: 4 Push the wire into the Elf’s arm.

Step 5: Stitch the glove up using the red thread. I double threaded the needle. The I put the thread through the glove and through the loop at the end of the thread. I stitched it three times and then I cut off the string.

Finally, you have an Elf whose arms move. You can very easily do the elf’s legs using the same methods. I was able to do the arms in five minutes total and I am far from a seamstress.


Have Holiday Game Time with the Elf on the Shelf Hide and Seek Game.

posable elf 5

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Elf on the Shelf Ideas

Elves playing Clue Elf on the Shelf Ideas

See how this ELF on the Shelf Idea was Created

elf on the shelf ideas

Flying elf

elf idea tutu

Elf Tutus 

elf in the shelf ideas

Apple “Jack”

elf on shelf idea

Sharing a snack

elf on the shel ideas

Skipping rope


Elf Online Shopping. Thanks The Coupon Challenge!


 Elf with photos. Thanks This Mama Loves!

elf on the Shelf

elf on shelf

elf on shelf ideas


Elf with Barbie dashing in One horse Open Sleigh. Thanks to Krsytal of AGIC – Awesome-Inspired-Gorgeous-Creative

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Thanks Amanda!



elf climbing tinsel

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Adult Elf on the Shelf